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12 March 2007 @ 02:17 pm
300, and other numbered things  
OH hell yes. That was exactly what I wanted in a movie.  Without spoiling it (not that there's a whole ton to spoil - if you've seen the trailers you should have a pretty good idea what the heck it's about) I have to say it met every expectation.  Beautiful, sexy, bloody, yummy. 

Apparently there have been some reviews complaining about the historical accuracy, and all I can say to those people is:  it's not a historical period piece people - it's a fantasy movie.  Of course, apparently that same reviewer was comparing 300 to Gladiator (unfavorably, I might add). They're crazy.  Gladiator was one of those big hollywood movies too.  It's not like it was historically accurate or anything.  Why can't people leave well enough alone and just have fun? 

Well, anyway, I had an absolutely delightful time - the boy bought us food, we actually got to see Joel and catch up a little while standing in line, the crowd was fabulous and hissed in all the right moments, and generally it was a damn fine movie experience.  Visually I'm half in love with everyone - women, men, heck, demi-gods.  I love the semi-glossed almost cartoon style, too.  It's better when they make the whole movie just a little bit CGI and then add in CGI'd bits -less jarring than having 100% normal film switch to the CGI action/monster. 

And I really really really want to talk about the movie, but...just go see it.  Go, pay your $9 or whatever, and have a fabulous time.  Sure, the violence is ... violent.  But they're fighting a losing battle against all the armies of the world!  There have got to be some causalities!  And sure, it's not the most intricate dialog... but ... it's beautiful!  And fun.

And then, there's me, on spring break... and the gigantic to do list...
+ return tile saw (House stuff)
+ stop for wet felix cat food (House stuff)
+ call around to find windshield repair and schedule
+ kanji flashcards (School)
+ post beegee_icontest voting (online)
+ post new contest for beegee_icontest
+ download & print theory for Mass & Pop Cluture (School)
+ dishes (House stuff)
+ laundry (House stuff)
+ talk to Lauren about polaroid film for cameras (Wedding stuff)
+ make banner for redsrule1 ... found here if you're curious
+ code new updates to buffygiles.net

+ windshield fix (car stuff)
+ plant bulbs in garden (house stuff)
+ finish laundry (house stuff)
+ call for hair appt (Wedding stuff)
+ dust (House stuff)
+ kanji flashcards (School stuff)
+ 漢字の意味(パ p. 28)(School stuff)
+ find Japanese something to translate
+ code new updates to buffygiles.net
+ read Sontag
+ read Enzenburger
+ read Williams
+ prep for Mass & Pop
+ post links for giles_fic_recs

+ tires (Car)
+ hair appt (Wedding stuff) - 2 pm.
+ shop for dress (Wedding stuff)
+ pick up picture frame thingies for Lauren's book (Wedding stuff)
+ put picture frames into Lauren's book (Wedding stuff)
+ translation of something (Yapoo, long article, something)
+ pick up toilet for new bathroom  (House stuff)
+ pick up cat food (house stuff)
+ take bathroom progress pics & post online? (House stuff)
+ code new updates to buffygiles.net

+ pack (Wedding stuff)
+ read Core Readings book (School stuff) on flight
+ write Mass & Pop paper
+ translate something (School stuff)
+ grammar review (School stuff)
+ Japanese homework for Monday (School stuff)L11の読み物(パ p. 21)
+ code new updates to buffygiles.net
+ post winners for beegee_icontest (online)

+ Arizona!  Help Lauren with things

+ Wedding!  dancing!  Fun!

+ fly home
+ read theory for Mass & Pop culture on flight home

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my monkied brain: EB Rockskatekat1010 on March 12th, 2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
*pets my delicate EBs* that's ok darling. I love you regardless!

And yeah, i'm gonna be bored, aren't i?

wedding, soon! hee!