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bathroom renovation: We painted, we tiled, we conquered

Sunday was spent trying to get proper fixtures for our bathtub (an adventure that sounds quite easy but in the end turned out to be incredibly difficult) and trying to cut tile. 

See, the fixtures we bought were brushed steel.  So we needed brushed steel connectors (called es-somethings... Neil knows, I keep forgetting) to connect them to the pipes.  And you'd think that it would be a simple matter of finding brushed steel versions of our old fixtures.  Well, after Neil hit 7 hardware and plumbing stores, we finally figured out we needed to have new pipe connectors in order to be able to use the hardware that we'd bought.  Then, after he brought them home, Neil spent about ... oh, 6 hours trying to get them on the tub!  There was trouble with the screws, with the balance of the handles, with the spacers.  Finally and at last, we were done!

Then we were introduced to the joys of tile cutting.  Well, we managed to cut two tiles, and then our tile cutter broke.  And, once we put it back together, it broke again.  And again.  And again.  Until we finally gave up and ran out to Home Depot to get a tile saw.  Then everything went just a little bit faster.  Everything's better when you have a saw!

So, in case you're curious, here are the newest pictures....

Pretty new fixtures!

new paint!  although it looks less orange than this picture.  Really.

the pretty new floor that I laid myself!  Yep, that's right, I'm better at laying tile than Neil.  (don't tell anybody, ok?)  once again, these pictures are way orange compared to what it really looks like.  Gotta love that nighttime lighting...

Tags: bathroom renovation

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