my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

leavin' on a jet plane!

Ok, I know, it's overused, but ... I love that line.

Managed to do most of the stuff on my to do list for the last couple of days.  Most, but not all.  Now we're ready and packed and waiting for our time to come so we can leave for the plane.  And I'm making Neil watch gilmore girls (my secret love that he almost can't stand... but that's fine, he's the one that's made me watch endless reruns of the Match Game).

Digging my fingers into the dirt was fabulous - especially since I have great hopes for the blubs I planted, even though it'll take a while for them to come up.  Then, of course, it rained like crazy for two days, right on top of me finishing the planting (actually, it was misting quite a bit while I was planting and I rushed to dig holes in the ground before the sky opened up and dropped the deluge).

Then yesterday I went and got fabulous!  Even though it's far too expensive to justify most of the time, the woman who cuts and colors my hair does such a great job I want to bounce.  And this time she put in purple low-lights (instead of highlights) to keep the brassy color but make sure it wasn't too orange around my face.  I'm in love with my own hair.  Probably a scary thought, but oh well.

just a couple of minutes ago I got a notification!  And lookie:

for this little banner I customized for thatotherperv :

for a story she wrote inspired by my posting to fall_for_sx

Check out her fabulous little story here - it's super hot daddy!kink Spike/Xander AU.  Quite lovely (and who knows, if she gets enough feedback there might be a sequel!)

Tags: not sharable, pimp, squee

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