my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Home Alone Day 1

The man of the house flew away for a week. He's on the coast, getting 'face-time' with the company. So I've got the entire place to myself for seven days. Well, me and the kitty. Be prepared - I will probably blog far too much and include far too many inane and senseless details of my life online.

So, I've already been more productive in a single day than I have in a month of Saturdays. (At least, I think that's the expression). And no, not really that productive.

But I did manage to get my ass up on time, before 6:30 am
to take the boy's ass to the airport mostly on time.
Came back, talked with a classmate, showered, breakfasted, and printed homework, all before 8 am
made it to school half an hour early,
did the Linguistics reading I'd neglected last night,
attended all my classes,
bitched about outlines (more forthcoming) with a classmate
almost finished the book for Women Japanese Writers (and it's only Monday).
Came home (crazy how that happens),
did the dishes,
changed the bedding,
washed the comforter and blankets,
put new sheets on the bed,
picked up the house,
set up internet in the living room,
and it's only 7:30.

Yes, i am a whirlwind.

(kidding, really)

Tags: school

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