my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

long, long, very long day

I feel like today actually started yesterday - the saga of the passport extended over two days...

You see, it went like this...

After the notification I found out that I have to submit a copy of my passport by April 13th.  Sadly, my passport was expired.  GAH.  So I go down to the post office yesterday (thinking that I'll miss the lunch rush I leave the house at 2 pm) only to find a long line, and an evil man manning the desk who didn't inform me of the sign up sheet ... until some guy came in after me ... and then the evil little man says that it doesn't matter if you've signed up on the sheet, if you're not sitting at his desk by 3 pm he's not going to help you -- doesn't matter how long you wait.  So how far does he get?  To the guy who was supposed to be in line behind me (but who got to the sign up sheet faster).  Me bitter?  NAH

That's not the end of it, though - since I put off my Mass & Pop Culture paper until Wednesday I actually had to finish it last night and read the book I was supposed to present on in my Core Readings class and make flashcards (and learn) the 70 odd vocab words for the Japanese vocab quiz today.  When I realized at 10 or so last night that I'd completely forgotten about the Japanese homework, I just laughed and threw my hands into my hair.

The best part of last night was actually having Deb & Erik pick us up and drive us to Dripping Springs to look at the houses they were thinking of making offers on - it's not the kind of thing I wanted to pass on even if it did take a couple of hours out of the night.  Especially because I had absolutely no idea how far away from Austin they were looking (it's not that far, but in a totally different direction than what I had previously imagined) and the countryside was simply beautiful.  Even if they don't get any of the houses they were thinking of, it was good to say goodbye to them before they flew back to LA.  Thankfully soon they won't have to do that, since they'll be living here!

But it made for a very long evening, that then immediately ran into a very long morning...

Got up early enough to make it to the Uni Post office and do my passport application there.  Before I left the house I took a call from the Study Abroad people who administer the Tokyo program and found out that they'll give me a little leeway in turning in the copy of my passport (thank god!  because there's no way even with the express ordering that i'll get it by the 13th), and that I still have to fill out the Homestay portion of the application and don't need a visa!  I'm relieved about the last part because that's one less set of paperwork I have to fill out!

Ran to the Asian Studies department to hand them the sheet singing my acceptance of the Study Abroad money they're giving me and discovered I can't go to the spring faire where they present us little awards for our achievement because they've scheduled during one of the Asian Studies Grad classes!  I hate the scheduling for our department.  Can I say it again?  yes i can - I HATE the scheduling for our department!

So, then to the library to review my Mass & Pop Culture paper and print it in the library... AND to discover the UT Study Abroad office was sending me threatening emails saying I'd been suspended from the program because I hadn't completed their forms yet.  (turns out that was some kind of a clerical error - thank god!!) I did the forms they wanted me to, then sent them angry emails telling them to reinstate me.

After that, over to the cafe by 11 to grab food and take my antibiotic without stomach cramps... and study the flashcards I made last night.  I stopped that at 11:30 so I could skim the rest of the book I was presenting on in my Core Readings class.  I walked up to my 12:30 class at noon and spent the rest of the time working on vocab.

In other words, it was a relief to actually get to class.  Luckily I think everything worked out as well as it could've (yeah, sure, the vocab quiz wasn't great, but hey, you try learning 70 new words in about 45 minutes.... it's not as fun as you'd think.  But at least my discussion went well)!

Getting home was like crossing the finish line.  So I took the night off, so to speak.  As for tomorrow?  It's going to be another doozie.

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