my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Twas a damn fine weekend despite the cold... we met Blake for dinner on Friday and had a great time talking and trying little bites of tapas and the best desserts I've had in Austin so far. 

There was the mocha flan with meyer lemon confit... mouthwateringly fantastic... and the pistachio baklava with pistachio ice cream (I really don't like pistachios and I helped Blake finish it off) and the piece de resistance:  Upside Down Apple Cake with Honey Creme Fraiche Ice Cream, Apple Cider Sabayon & Hazelnut Praline.  It was basically little bites of buttery heaven that were warm and delightful.

Saturday we pretty much holed up in the house and told each other it was really cold.  It was.  I'd just gotten used to it being warm again, and was doing the laundry so I have more summer clothes, and instead I started to worry that the bushes were going to freeze again.  Everything had gotten so lovely and springy and green from the warm rains earlier this month - the bulbs I'd planted were even shooting up! - and I began to worry if they'd just shrivel up and die from the freezing rain.

At about 8 pm we had this splendid idea:  we decided to go to the grocery store.  Yeah, Sat night and we're partying like rockstars.  But even rockstars have to eat (ok, so they generally have minions to bring them food).  Since we have no minions ...  The worst part was that as we're walking out of the grocery store it starts to sleet and hail.  Perfect timing, i tell you, perfect!

It warmed up enough on Sunday that I could meet lostgirlslair and the fiance at Spider house to reinstate our Sunday coffee and smoke fest.  It felt good to finally get back together with them - it had been way too long.

Besides, it gave me that feeling that everything was back on schedule - most of my homework was done Friday night (yep, the evil skits. haa), we'd replenished the food stores, and I got to spend time with friends.  AND come home to a batch of homemade chili.  This is why Neil is a god.  (well, one of many reasons, but do I have to go into them all?)

Today was a little weird...missed a lecture I'd really wanted to go to (why, oh why, do they put interesting speakers in rooms that won't seat more than 35 people??), studied for my Japanese quiz, freaked out because the 4th person in our group project was left in charge of one of the skits (she was doing stop motion animation and didn't need us to film it) didn't make it to class today.  The day, of course, that the project was due!  Thankfully our Sensei isn't holding her tardy work against us and apparently she turned it in much later in the afternoon.

After wading through a mostly uninformative "orientation" from the study abroad people, and actually getting helpful answers from Aaron on the walk back to the car, it was a quiet night at home.  Weird how that happens, isn't it?

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