my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

bathroom 1, Neil & Kate...1/2?

We're done!  (almost)  It's pretty complete!  The bathroom renovation is over!

just to give you a little perspective....

we started with this:                                            and it now looks like this:

what once was plain white ....                                is now....

there are more, if you want to see the whole saga... just visit my gallery here ...

I'll be honest, I want to do a rundown of the fun, the trauma, the pain, and the reason why we actually still have two sinks (although only one is installed), but I'm too pooped.  Today started yesterday again - up till 3:30 am studying, left the house at 9 for 10 am class... went from 10 am - 3 pm and had a japanese test as the last class ... then went to the department "spring faire" thingy for a while.  Didn't get home till six.  Makes for a long brain draining day... especially when we then went right back out to the hardware store and then finished the bathroom.  Phew.  Going to go goof now.

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