my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

here we go Toto

Tomorrow we fly out for my Grandpa's 90th in Abilene, Kansas.  Poor Neil's going to come face to face with the truly crazy size of my family for the first time.  It's strange because I don't know them either.  And I'm really really really thankful that I don't -- going to have to thank my mom tomorrow for that.  She did a great job protecting me from the really wacky crap.  I think part of it is that they're all so excessively normal - well, ok, they're not normal at all.  One of my aunt is actually schizophrenic (and heavily medicated), and so's my uncle (although maybe he's got dementia?), and my grandfather's very small, very cute, but also strangely religious and conservative.  But not so you'd notice. 

But the week was pretty fantastic (other than the Mass & Pop culture grade, but I'll get over that).  I'm done with most of my Study Abroad paperwork... summer_of_giles sign-ups have been HUGE, which is fabulous... I got all my homework done for this week and even managed to talk intelligently about a book that I'd only skimmed for one class.  The semester's end is coming up quick and evil, but that's what always happens.

all in all, not so bad.

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