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FIC: Attack of the Ipos (B/G) 1/2

Title: Attack of the Ipos

Author: katekat

Rating: FRAO (adults only)

Summary/Timeline: Summer between Season 4 & 5. A rogue demon with special powers prompts Buffy/Giles goodness. Written as a present to Gileswench for the All the Jellies Buffy/Giles Smutficathon (requirements at end).

Disclaimer: These characters aren’t mine. Plot lines aren’t even really mine; they’re just beamed to me via satellite. All hail the mighty and benevolent Joss for making it all possible.

Feedback: Always welcomed and appreciated.

Notes: Buffy and Riley have broken up, peaceably, and he’s back in Iowa. Although the demonology texts and demon mentioned in this fic are ‘real’ and came from the following: (for which I tender many thanks) I have rearranged the existing knowledge for my own purposes. [Thoughts] *Emphasis*

Thanks: malnpudl & dara_starscream, my understanding and magnificent betas, this fic wouldn’t be fic without your help. All corrections are theirs, all remaining mistakes are mine. Elizabuffy, thanks for the tweed. Neil, thank you for helping me through the icky parts. The absurd ideas wouldn’t be very absurd at all without you. Gileswench, your challenge was definitely interesting, and I hope I loved up to the intent (if not all of the requirements).


Buffy stood at Giles’ doorstep and knocked. She hoped he wouldn’t mind that she wanted to get clean at his place. After all, he did have hardwood floors and they would wash so much easier than her mom’s wall-to-wall carpeting. There was the added bonus that he might actually know what that demon was. She heard him step close to the door and realized he must be checking the spy hole.

Normally she had no problem walking through his door unannounced - it was just that she didn’t want to get sticky goo on anything else. It was going to be hard enough to get the stuff out of her clothes and off of her skin.

Apparently he figured there was only one person who’d show up on his doorstep covered head to toe in gunk, because the door opened. He looked at her, worried expression drawing his loveable features together. [And just when did his features become loveable?]

“Buffy? Is everything all right? Are you hurt? What did this?” he asked.

Her eyes peeped out from her brown-covered face and she said in a disgusted voice, “Don’t worry, Giles, I’m fine. Just please tell me you know what kind of demon spews chocolate sauce at its attackers?”

Giles was momentarily speechless. He blinked at her, trying to process what she’d said. Her phrase finally sank in and the worry lines dissolved as he began to laugh.

“Buffy,” he snickered, “do you mean to tell me a demon covered you in chocolate sauce?” Even covered in sticky chocolate and totally annoyed at how uncomfortable it was, Buffy saw the absurdity and giggled with him. Then her laugh turned mischievous.

Her fingers swept across the skin above her tank top, leaving a line of slightly cleaner skin as she gathered chocolate. She held her covered fingers up to her Watcher.

“Well, that’s what it tastes like to me. I must’ve inhaled a gallon of it.” She had no idea what prompted her to tease him, but her stomach thrilled when offered up her fingers and asked, “But don’t trust me, why don’t you find out for yourself?”

Instead of being flustered, or cautious, Giles’ laugh became a twinkle in his eye as he leaned toward her fingers and delicately sniffed. It seemed he liked what he found, because suddenly his lips covered her fingers and his soft tongue licked the chocolate sauce off. She was shocked at the heat of his mouth, and nearly gasped out loud when she felt his teeth barely graze her skin.

Before she could react to the feel of his lips or tongue, he’d stopped. He looked at her with a thoughtful expression, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Well, I won’t deny it certainly tastes like chocolate.”

She stared at him, grinning like a fool. The touch of his lips had disconnected her ability to think. She wanted to ask him where he got off licking her, but couldn’t muster the will. His lips were like the softest sin. Her brain hazed out with the thought that she was now covered in chocolate . . . and those lips could be . . . anywhere. . .

Giles took in her dazed expression with an arched eyebrow and asked, as if he’d done nothing unusual. “Are you sure a demon covered you in this?”

Drawn away from the amazingly sexy mental image, Buffy tilted her head to the side in disgust. “No, Giles, this is just a new exotic spa treatment,” she replied. “I have to leave it on for 24 hours so it deep conditions my skin. Duh! Of course a demon covered me in this! The weirdest looking thing practically barfed this stuff all over me. Kind of a cross between a goose and a lion. There I was, just trying to do my job and protect the helpless. When I asked the demon what it was doing in front of a row of houses it sprayed me with the latest in demony excretions. Hey, stop giggling!”

Giles had begun to laugh again at the absurdity of the story.

“It’s really not funny Giles!” But she couldn’t help smiling herself. It was just too goofy. “You know, shouldn’t we be worried instead of laughing? After all, we both just ate demon spew.”

“Well, it did taste remarkably like Hershey’s chocolate sauce.” He tried to suppress his giggles, and looked contrite. “I’m sorry Buffy. I didn’t mean to laugh at you, it’s just . . . I’ve never heard of anything like this. But you’re probably terribly uncomfortable. Do you want to come in and clean up?”

Buffy sighed in relief. “Finally! That’s exactly what I was looking for. You know, I have no idea why people think this kind of thing is sexy. I feel like I’m just attracting flies.” She followed him into the house, making a beeline for the bathroom leaving little chocolate footprints in her wake.

Giles smiled a little at this. “Somehow, I think chocolate is usually used in moderation.”

She turned as she stood in the bathroom doorway. “Oh yeah? And how would you know, Mr. Smarty-Pants? Ever eaten chocolate off anybody?”

He turned beet red, but responded, “Yes, as a matter of fact I have.” Buffy was intrigued and opened her mouth to ask him for details. Giles caught the look, and squelched her question. “You’d best take that shower, otherwise we’ll have to peel your clothes off of you and unstick you from the floor.”

She shivered at the mental image of Giles taking off her clothes. Then she grinned and good naturedly replied, “I’m going! I’m going!”


Once inside his bathroom, Buffy turned the water on as high as it would go, then realized that her clothes really had dried and stuck to her skin.

[Ugh. This is so gross. I can’t believe I have a ruined outfit and nothing to show for it.] She sighed, then hopped into the shower fully dressed. She began to peel layers off as the water loosened the chocolate. [Double ugh. Okay, never using melted chocolate again. Although . . .] she reflected on her Watcher’s lips against her skin as he’d tasted the chocolate. [Well, maybe not never.]

She smiled at the thought of Giles on the other side of the door. Lately she’d started actually hanging out with her Watcher after patrol. It was sweet. Giles made her tea and they talked, but he never started the kettle unless he knew she was there. And since she didn’t have classes, she stayed as long as she liked.

It had all started after the dream with the First Slayer. The dream had freaked them all out a little bit, her more than everyone else. She needed to have a couple of long conversations with Giles about what everything meant. He was, after all, the official dream interpreter as her Watcher. Dreams figured so large in her life, and she just couldn’t shake some of the things that had come up.

But those dream discussions had led to just plain old talking. And after she and Riley broke up, the talking included all kinds of things. Funny, because she’d never thought of Giles as a talker in high school. Maybe it was something about the middle of the night – nighttime brought a feeling of closeness. She finally got to satisfy her curiosity about him. She realized with surprise that he’d told her more about himself in the last month and a half than in the last three years altogether.

She shook her head, wondering what had prompted her to offer him her fingers. And what had motivated him to accept her offer? She shivered, remembering the feel of his sinful mouth on her skin. [What am I doing thinking about Giles’ mouth? I can’t think about his mouth. . .but. . . it’s yummy.]

She shook herself out of her naughty thoughts and heard Giles clean up the spots she’d left walking down his hallway. He leaned against the other side of the bathroom door.

“Buffy? Do you want to describe this demon so I can begin research?”

Buffy was disgusted – he didn’t give her a moment of peace, did he? “Giles, don’t you think you could hold off on the research until I get clean?”

“Well,” she could her his snigger through the door as he continued, “it might spray someone else. We can’t just have it running around Sunnydale covering people in chocolate, now can we? Besides, although it did taste exactly like chocolate sauce, I would like to confirm as soon as possible that we both ingested something fairly harmless. I don’t think it’s done you any harm, and I don’t seem to be suffering any ill effects, but better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?”

Buffy smiled at the doorframe, imagining her Watcher on the other side trying to contain his laughter. “Very funny, Giles. You know I can hear you laughing. You’re gonna pay for every giggle I hear. Either that or you’re going to have to face the demon yourself the next time it comes around. But I’ll take pity on you and tell you, since you did take a taste without consulting your books first. I must be rubbing off on you. Just promise me, no more giggling!”

“I’ll try and restrain myself,” he mocked from the other side of the door. “Now, please, tell me what happened?”

She began to describe her evening while the water sluiced down.


Giles listened to his Slayer’s tale of a quiet night, two vamps dusted, and her encounter with the strange goose-lion demon, but his attention wandered to the slight splashing sounds coming from behind the door.

He had no idea what impulse he’d obeyed in sucking the chocolate off of his Slayer’s fingers, but he was pleased with the results. Buffy had looked stunned, but the kind of stunned he loved seeing on a woman’s face. The kind that begs to be kissed away. He was filled with a wild hope and it made him giddy. Maybe he would face the demon next time it came around, and ask her to lick the chocolate off of him. [Dirty man! You’re not supposed to be thinking about her that way! But I can’t help it.] He yanked his attention away from daydreams of his Slayer’s tongue to listen to her story.

“It looked like someone snagged a lion and shoved a goose head and feet onto it. Its front paws were webbed and clawed at the same time. Pretty fierce claws, actually.”

Giles listened close enough to be surprised by her description, then she made another splashing sound and his incorrigible imagination conjured up luscious images of his Slayer under water, with chocolate and soap mixing together in his mind’s eye to form the most distracting picture.

He marveled at the woman on the other side of the door, wishing again he could tell her how much he wanted her. They’d been spending so much time together lately, and for months she’d seemed interested in more than just her destiny and slaying. A faint hope had begun to grown in his heart that she might actually consider him more than a friend. He cherished their late night conversations, particularly as she seemed to really want to learn about him. For the first time he began to think she might actually see him as a man.

The sound of another splash crept under the door, and although he tried to shake the naughty images, they just kept coming. He knew he shouldn’t be fantasizing about her, particularly when she was so close, but couldn’t help it.

He realized she’d paused, expecting an answer from him. He coughed at the constriction of his throat, his mouth completely dry.

“I’m sorry Buffy, what did you just say?”

“I swear Giles, if you’re still out there laughing at me, I’m going to throw you in the path of that demon myself. I said that my Slayer sense kicked into overdrive from, like, 15 feet away. I figure it must be super-evil to make the hairs on my neck stand up that much, right?”

“You’re probably right Buffy. Could you tell what it was searching for?”

The sound of wet cloth being wrung out made Giles suddenly envious of a washcloth, and rendered him completely rigid at the fresh burst of mental images.

“No, I couldn’t. That’s what I was trying to tell you. The thing looked like it was just wandering up and down the street, but when I asked it politely what it was doing it totally belched all over me and ran the other direction faster than I could chase it. I checked the neighborhood but no one seemed to be missing a demon. Most of the houses were completely dark, like everyone was asleep. Any idea why a demon would just be wandering around?”

“None immediately come to mind. However, I believe your demon is distinctive enough that we ought to be able to find it quickly. Then we’ll see what we’re dealing with. Perhaps that will provide a clue or two.”

“That’s *my* Giles.” Giles grinned at Buffy’s possessive endearment. “Always helpful with the research.” The shower shut off, and Buffy asked, “Now I have another question for you . . . can I borrow your robe?”

Giles’ heart almost stopped at the request. All that lovely Buffy bundled into his terrycloth robe. He barely restrained himself from breaking down the door.

“Of course, Buffy. How silly of me. Please help yourself. It’s hanging on the back of the door. If you like we can wash your clothes here before you go home.”

“So now my Watcher does laundry too? I should stop here after being covered in demon goo more often. You’re way more fun than home. Mom always nags about the stains.”

“You know you’re always welcome Buffy. But I only do laundry if you and your clothes are covered in chocolate.”

“Is that some kind of a rule?”

“I might consider making it one,” he joked. “Do go on with your story, though. How did you figure out it was chocolate?” Giles asked, wondering if he was going to be able to string a coherent thought together once Buffy emerged. Just the thought of her on the other side of the door was rendering him practically speechless. What was he going to when she walked out in his robe?


“I can’t believe it actually sprayed me. And that I was silly enough to get a mouthful. I should know better than that by now. But then I actually tasted it, and when I figured out the ugly whackjob had covered me in chocolate syrup I decided yours was the shower I needed to sully.” Buffy continued as she toweled off.

She walked out of the shower, robe belted tight, and found Giles still leaning against the bathroom door. Drops of water curled along the side of her neck, her hair curled in a loose bun above it. She glowed, the soft light from the bathroom making her features soft and beguiling. He took one look at her and knew he was completely lost.

She stopped mid-stride at his look. He wore an inscrutable expression, but something in his eyes drew her in, preventing her questions and making her lean towards him. She tilted her chin, wondering at the way he seemed to be looking at her lips. He stood so close she could feel the heat from his body through the robe. He ducked his head, and she realized that he was going to kiss her. The crazy thing was that she wanted him to.

His lips were soft and velvety as they tentatively touched hers. Her eyes got even wider as she looked at his lashes against his cheeks. She arched forward, into his lips, deepening their first kiss, realizing she wanted to taste more of him.

He leaned into her body, pushing her against the wall of the hallway. His hands framed her face as her mouth opened beneath him. His fingers fanned along her skin, holding her motionless, in a grip that somehow conveyed that he was coiled like a spring. The tension of his body’s heat raced through her veins, spreading warmth everywhere. His tongue drove deeper, twining with hers, and she gasped into his mouth. His blunt teeth bit at her lower lip, sucking it into his mouth so he could nibble further. Her knees weakened, and she might’ve slid down the wall without the crushing support of his body holding her up. She wanted to fall, and have him catch her. Instead she broke their kiss, gasping for breath.

“Giles?” She tried to form other words. She tried to ask the questions she knew she should. Questions about timing and want and boundaries. But nothing else came to her, nothing but his name and the intense need he’d sparked in her.

He blinked, as if her voice made him wake from a dream, and dropped his hands. He started to back away from her, stuttering, “B-b-buffy, I-I, I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry.”

Buffy was in momentary shock, but just for a second. There was no way she was letting those fantastic lips get away from her. No way. She ignored the little voice in her head that said all her relationships turned out bad, and that one with her Watcher could be a train wreck. She shook her head, negating more than just his apology, and pulled his retreating body back against hers.

“Oh, no you don’t mister, don’t you dare back away from me. Come here and finish what you started.”

Giles let himself be pulled back into her body, his face clearing as he realized she wasn’t angry with the liberties he’d taken. He moved to hold her face between his hands as he smiled a blinding smile, then leaned to kiss her again.

At the second touch of his lips to hers, all doubt between them evaporated. Giles gave up any pretense at apology and his boldness shocked her. Buffy’s concerns melted under the onslaught of his lips. His touch stunned her. His fingers traced her jaw line as he continued to feast on her. She melted, both at the touch and the feel of his fiery mouth. There was something dark and hot about the way his body pressed hers against the wall. She could feel the hard length of his cock between their bodies, and it made her ache with need.

Giles broke their kiss this time, breathing heavily. He dropped his head to her shoulder, pulling her closer against him.

Suddenly daring, Buffy tugged at his sweater, pulling it up, over and tossing it away. Her hands shaped the muscles in his neck and shoulders, fingers digging into his skin before smoothing down his chest. Her fingertips grazed his nipples and she smiled as she heard him suck in air. The sound of his reaction fired her, and she pulled his head back down to hers again, marveling at his taste. She had only one thought. [Yummy.]

His hands, courageous now, pushed her robe open and began to stroke the heated skin beneath. She moaned into his mouth, surprised at the rough texture of his finger pads against her breasts. She closed her eyes as his passionate hands played over her body, stroking her hips, lingering along the undersides of her breasts, urging her closer and closer to his heat. His skin felt so good pressed against hers, his chest hair pricking and teasing against her nipples.

She unbuttoned the top of his pants. She muttered into his chest. “No reason I should have to be the only one who’s naked.”

Giles laughed and proceeded to kiss her so hard she nearly forgot how to unbutton buttons. Finally, his pants and underwear were shoved away to reveal silky, warm Watcher skin, lots of it. She let him drop the robe from her shoulders, kissing as they went. Finally they cradled each other, feeding off kisses and moans and sighs.

His deft fingers made their way between her legs as hers softly wrapped around his cock. Twin moans broke from between their lips as they panted against each other, eyes closed, delighting in touching and being touched. Giles leaned Buffy against the wall, moving to stand between her legs. She pulled him as close as she dared, trying to meld his skin to hers. She tilted her hips, pulsing with heat, trying to rub against his fingers and his cock at the same time. One hand buried itself in his hair, keeping him kissing and growling beneath her lips. But the friction wasn’t enough.

At her unspoken urging, he picked her up and drove himself inside her. She cried out, one joyous clarion call of, “Giles!” and sank down until she’d taken him completely in. She held his shoulders in a crushing grip, wanting to stay there forever, wrapped tightly in his arms, utterly filled.

Giles was caught immobile in her delightful warmth. He didn’t want to move, but her hips began to curve slowly, and he couldn’t help but respond. He gently arched in and out of her body, holding her to the wall, kissing her neck and eyelids. He captured her lips with his own until he needed air again.

What started as slow, gentle movement soon escalated, burning hotter and hotter until the noise of their thrusting made slapping sounds against the wall. Buffy crushed Giles to her, whimpering as he began to truly pound into her, harder and deeper. With every thrust she came closer, until her orgasm burst over her and sizzled down her nerve endings. She broke from his lips to yell her joy and felt him begin to shudder as he moved beneath her. With a matching shout, “Buffy!” he drove up one final time and held himself rigid as he came.

As both panted their delight, Giles held her as if he thought she was going to break. At least he tried, until it became uncomfortable to try to keep her against the wall. With a laugh Buffy unclasped her arms from his shoulders. “Giles, it’s okay. You can let me go.”

“I’m not sure that I want to,” he replied, although he did set her down. His hands possessively cradled her to him.

She looked into his eyes, the words practically speaking themselves. “I don’t think you’re ever going to be able to get rid of me. Not now. Not after that.” As soon as they were out of her mouth she knew they were true.

Giles smiled a lovely, heart-stopping smile. “Good.”

Buffy laughed at his satisfied tone. “Although, it is getting a little cold. . . “

Giles instantly leaned over to grab the discarded robe. He draped it around her shoulders. “There is this big thing upstairs I believe you Americans call a bed. It has covers, and is rumored to be quite warm.”

Buffy giggled, snuggling into the robe, then curled back against the body of her still-naked Watcher. “Giles, are you trying to get me into your bed?”

He smiled back at her. “I am. There’s no better way I can ensure you’ll still be here in the morning.”

She positively glowed at his invitation. Buffy had no idea where her Watcher’s sudden boldness had come from, or why the sudden wonderful sex, for that matter, but she loved it. The last thing on her mind was leaving.

“I’ll think about it. But I’d be more tempted if you offered breakfast.”

“My dear, I can offer you far more than just breakfast.”

“What did you have in mind?”

His green eyes teased her with wicked promises. “You’ll just have to wait until morning to find out.”

She laughed again. “That’s an offer I can’t refuse.” They started upstairs hand in hand.

Buffy was startled at the bubbling happiness in her heart. She’d known for months that there was something happening between them, but she hadn’t expected anything like this. It made her grin and feel like she was glowing at the same time.

As they reached the bedroom, Buffy stopped. “Giles, what about my icky demon? Shouldn’t we be researching it or something?”

He gravely considered her question, although it seemed he couldn’t help pulling her back into his arms to do so. “I’d suggest research tomorrow, and a hunt for it tomorrow night. I don’t think having a few people covered in chocolate is going to do them any permanent damage. And we’ll need to find out what it is and what it wants before you can go after it.”

Buffy nodded. “Sounds like a good idea. We’ll call the Scoobies in the morning and get them to help.” She began to yawn.

“Come on, Miss Summers. Your bed awaits.” Giles drew the robe off her shoulders and pulled the coverlet back from the bed. Buffy scrambled in and watched her Watcher slide next to her. He turned to her, pulling her tight against him, his legs twining with hers as he pulled the covers around them both. As he drew her into the crook of his arm, his fingers began to thread their way through her hair in a lazy rhythm. She sighed a sleepy sigh against his chest, one hand over his heartbeat.

Once they’d settled, Buffy ventured, “Giles? Should we . . . talk about this? About what just happened?”

Giles, realizing that he felt remarkably happy and doubt free, responded, “We can if you like. Or we can talk in the morning. I’m not going anywhere.” His arms tightened around her. “And neither are you.”

Buffy realized that, for once, she really didn’t have a need to discuss, to analyze, or to figure out. She was happy, and she could tell Giles was, too. She tightened her arms around him and laid her head against his shoulder. “Good. No talking now, just cuddling. Serious talk can wait for the morning.”

“Indeed.” Giles replied. He kissed her head and gently whispered, “Sweet dreams, Buffy Summers.”

She smiled into his chest at the sound of her name. He made it sound like an endearment. “Sweet dreams, Rupert Giles.”


Giles cradled her as her breathing changed and her body turned heavy with sleep, and tried not to sing with joy at the feel of her in his arms. He marveled at the weight of her, at the reality, the staggering reality of her presence in his bed, with him. She’d even said she wanted to be with him. More than that – lord, he’d often been amused or cocky when complimented on his prowess, but never had anyone he’d wanted this much told him they might not ever let him go.

Gods, he wanted to believe that wasn’t simply afterglow. Buffy seldom made statements unless she meant them, and when she’d said it he’d been so satisfied, so blissfully satisfied, that all fear and doubt had been banished from his mind. He’d blithely reassured her, he’d merrily offered her his bed, and he’d neatly sidestepped the fact that, now that she was in it, he’d truly given her his heart.

Now though, questions came running back, forestalling sleep. He didn’t know quite what to do from here, and he tried not to let his mental shiver of fear turn into a physical one. What had ever prompted him to believe he could kiss her? What had prompted her to kiss him back?

More importantly, would she want to be with him in the morning? Would she want to be with him tomorrow? Should he tell her how he felt, or try not to scare her away with it all at once?

One thing made all the clamoring questions quiet, one thing that overrode all attempts at fear and dismay; Buffy was asleep in his arms. He decided to take his own advice: tomorrow was time enough to sort everything else out.


Buffy felt Giles cuddle against her back. His arm reached over her hips to stroke between her legs, fingers lazily drawing the heat. Wet warmth gathered and she tilted her hips against his circling touch. As she drowsily began to shift closer to his body, his lips closed on her neck and he spread lazy nibbles across her shoulders. She squirmed against him as his fingers moved harder and faster in her. She felt him smile against her neck, then open his mouth to bite down hard against the muscles beneath his lips. She let out a mewl that turned into a groan, knowing she'd be marked but caring little.

It was lovely to wake up like this – cradled in Giles’ arms, his hot skin against hers, body humming with warmth. His hips arched behind hers, his knee moving between hers to toss her leg back. Buffy’s body lengthened against his, his fingers pushing deeper into her as she felt his cock, hard and wanting, behind her. She arched her hips back, shifting, hoping he'd realize she wanted more than his driving fingers.

All their movements were unhurried – just long and warm and lusty. She felt her own juices begin to wet the sheets as she moved. She began to moan, softly, as his hips shifted to move further between her legs. His cock slipped up her vulva, its tip stroking towards his fingers at her clit. Wanting, she didn't hesitate to move her hips just enough to sheath him inside her, and he bucked against her with a growl to bury himself to the hilt. His other arm slid up between her hips and the mattress, to splay around her belly, holding her tight as he moved in her.

Buffy closed her eyes and melted in his embrace, feeling her entire body surge in time with his. Every nerve tingled and tightened as Giles continued to thrust, over and over. Her body bucked of its own accord. She flexed her vaginal walls around his cock and he panted against her neck as his arms clasped her, his movements unhurried and powerful. She loved his heat, his passion, the feeling of being his, the feeling of his cock inside her and his hands at her clit. His fingers stroked a final time and her head bent backwards as she came. He growled behind her as she gasped out her orgasm. He pushed into her harder than he had before, once twice, and again, until she felt his cock stiffen and lengthen, and then burst inside her. His fingers remained between her legs, his body relaxed behind her, as they both shuddered with the aftermath of orgasm.

After a few minutes Buffy sighed, not wanting to move but knowing they had to wake and greet the day. Giles caught the sigh. He chuckled, and propped his head on one hand so he could look at her. Smiling, he moved her hair away from the side of her face to kiss her cheek. “Good morning, love.”

Buffy’s breath caught at the endearment, and her smile lit the room. “Hiya, you.” She reached up to touch his lips with her fingers, still not quite believing he was real. He nibbled her fingertips, reminding her of the first time he did that last night, making her fingers tingle and her grin grow even wider.

“Like your morning surprise so far?” he asked, in a spine-tingling low voice.

She nodded, speechless. Before she could begin to form a more coherent thought her stomach growled, loudly. Giles stopped nibbling to look at the offending organ, then he leaned forward to kiss the smooth skin above her tummy.

“I suppose that must be your body’s way of telling me you’d like breakfast?” he asked, looking up from his spot near her stomach.

Buffy stroked his cheek. “Well . . . maybe. You did promise me, you know.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” With an enigmatic smile her Watcher stood up from the bed, grabbed some sweats out of a drawer and tugged them on. Buffy leaned up on her elbow to watch him dress. She’d always known he had lovely lines, but seeing him in the morning light and watching him simply put on a pair of pants was utterly distracting.

“What am I getting for breakfast?” she asked when he turned around to find her openly admiring him.

“Keep looking at me like that and you may not get any at all,” he teased. She pouted a little, and he laughed at her expression and walked back over to the bed to kneel beside it. “Will eggs, toast and coffee do? If not I can run out for doughnuts.”

Buffy’s expression turned from pouting to eager, and she practically pushed him towards the kitchen. “You spoke the magic word, coffee. Go now, coffee maker! Coffee is a must!”

Giles only laughed again, kissed her softly on the lips, and walked downstairs.


Giles hummed to himself in pleasure as he reached the kitchen. The first order of business was coffee, the second, a lovely breakfast for his most precious houseguest. He marveled at the simple joy of waking with her in his arms, then grinned at the memory of their morning so far. [I may not be such an old man after all.]

He collected things from the cupboards, set about heating water for tea and the French press, and was suddenly struck with shock. Buffy was upstairs in his bed. Oh, he knew this, knew it deep in his bones, but even last night it hadn’t seemed . . . real. Through some strange miracle, he’d actually acted on his thoughts instead of just thinking them. Now, Buffy was in his bed. And he never wanted her to leave.

He frowned as he cracked eggs into a pan, wondering if this was something they could possibly take slow. She was the most precious person in his life, and he couldn’t bear to lose her. He didn’t want to rush her into anything. But he wanted this so badly. He wanted to love her the way he’d always dreamed. He wanted to go on loving her like he had this morning. If she got scared, if she backed off from him, he wouldn’t be able to stand the loss.

He shook himself out of his moody thoughts. Buffy was still in his bed, wasn’t she? And hadn’t she said last night that she wouldn’t be able to leave him? He simply needed to make sure she’d meant what she’d said, and take it one day at a time.

He put the eggs next to the toast on their plates, set them next to the tableware he’d laid out on the bar. He didn’t need to plan their lives together, and he needed to stop believing she would run away from him at the first opportunity. He needed to learn to take this as it came.


Buffy lay back on the bed and hugged the sheets to her. They were filled with wonderful Gilesy smells, and the scent of their morning activities. She felt warm and contented. She sighed, realizing that she’d have to leave the lovely nest. But maybe Giles would let her come back here? She didn’t want to think further than breakfast, but couldn’t help herself. She thought about the way he’d woken her up this morning and couldn’t help but want to be in his arms tomorrow . . . and the next day . . . and the next . . . scratch that, she never wanted to leave. Her heart kept hammering out this silly little tune that sounded suspiciously like ‘forever’. Her body was humming a low song of contentment, and she felt as if her smile warmed her inside and out.

Then the smell of coffee and toast rose up from the kitchen. She grabbed Giles’ robe to run downstairs. She found Giles putting down mugs next to full plates on the breakfast bar, walked close so she could kiss her half dressed Watcher again, and began to eat his breakfast.

They settled down in companionable silence, both pleased with the smell and feel of a more permanent domesticity. Finally though, Buffy looked across the counter at him and realized she was going to have to broach the subject. She took a deep breath, and when he heard her inhale he raised his eyes to hers.

“Giles, we should probably talk now. . .” she began.

He reached out to put one hand against her cheek. She leaned into his caress and covered his hand with her own.

“Buffy, before you begin, I would like to ask you a question. Did you enjoy last night? And this morning?”

She blushed, and then nodded, her eyes never leaving his.

“So did I. I didn’t plan last night, but I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I’ve just found you, and I don’t want to lose you. But. . .” he hesitated, looking away from her eyes and she wondered what exactly he was going to say. She couldn’t stop the chill that curdled her stomach when he stopped. Was he going to call it off? Tell her it was a mistake? [If he’s going to tell me never again, better get this over with] she thought.

She prompted, “But?”

He continued, “But . . . do we need to define this? Can’t we simply enjoy ourselves?”

Relief washed over her, and with her giddy feelings came right back, except now they were bigger and better than before. She felt like yelling to the mountain tops. Instead, she nodded again, almost shaking her head off her neck, and released a big whoosh of indrawn breath. “I don’t want to lose you either.” She smiled a silly smile at Giles. “What next?”

He squeezed her hands, “Perhaps, c-could we, take it one day at a time?”

“Taking it one day at a time is completely fine with me.” She hesitated, wondering if she should even try to show him how happy she was. But she couldn’t contain the forever feeling, “As long as the days start like this one did, I’m ready for millions of them.”

Giles smiled at her, his thumb softly stroking her cheek. “I wouldn’t mind millions of them either.” His hand dropped from her face and to grab hers and hold it.

Buffy asked the next question, the next logical question, because she knew it was going to come up sooner or later. “What do you want to say to our friends?”

He didn’t hesitate. “Anything you like.”

“Do we have to tell them anything?” Buffy said wistfully. “No,” she stopped herself. “We can’t do that. Willow will take one look at me and know something’s up.”

Giles sent her a questioning look. Buffy explained, “Willow has supernatural Buffy radar. She’ll see how happy I am. Heck, even the demons will probably notice.”

Giles grinned at that, then shrugged. “Buffy, these are our friends. Whatever we tell them, I believe they will be happy simply that we are happy.”

“You’re right. You know, I’m not gonna worry about it. They can figure us out for themselves. Just we did.” She smiled at him, all her present worries resolved.

~ End part I. Part II forthcoming ~
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