my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

the_jossverse redux: my artwork

Under the cuts you'll find 8 banners - Dawn, Illyria & Wes from my postings for the first two rounds at the_jossverse), and a Xander/Angel banner (and matching icons for 'em all).  Don't know why I've been into banners lately, but I have.  If anyone wants them customized, I'm happy to add text to any and all!

Behind the second cut you'll find two Buffy manipulations I did the other night.  They're not worksafe, but they were a mighty fun set of pictures to put together.

teasers: .

+ please let me know what you think
+ please don't modify (talk with me, I'm happy to modify for you!)
+ please don't link directly
+ icon/graphics website HERE, resources HERE.

version 2 l version 3

version 2

. .

. .

. .

sometimes, model and actress just come together, you know?

[ source pic ]

[ source pic ]

Tags: *character: buffy, *character: dawn, *character: illyria, *character: wes, *fandom: btvs.ats, *pairing: xander/angel, adult images, my graphics, my headers, my icons, my manips

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