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my monkied brain

my world is a perpetual SeeSaw

at least, today it is.

We had sukiyaki at friend's house on Friday night, and even though it had soy sauce and tofu both, Neil actually liked it!  Actually the entire evening was fairly fantastic - great fun with nice, intelligent people.  Even though I talked the house down.  I will try not to do that again.  It happens when I'm nervous and people aren't talking as much as I think they should. 

Saturday Joel came over and we watched another marathon session of Robotech.  Yep, that's right, Robotech.  The original anime-drama!  Lots of fun, even though I was goofing around online as we watched.  But trust me, it doesn't really require one's full attention to mock some of Robotech, and the rest of it's pure space-faring fun.

Sunday we explored this new upscale mall called The Domain (hahaha) in North Austin.  It's just like LA malls, except they have a Sur La Table and DROOLED over everything.  Cooking stones!  We need cooking stones (also called pizza stones) for our oven, new cutting boards, plexy utensils, individual corn-cob-dishes that look like corn cobbs, a pressure cooker, sharp knives, new dishes, new salad bowels, baking molds, individual plexy cupcake baking ware....

of course, what we eneded up with was far more modest.  Some planks for bbqing fish, a potholder, and some cheesecloth.  We were definitely restrained!

Then we toddled off in time to meet lostgirlslair and TheFiance for coffee, which, as always, was fun and fabulous.  Made my afternoon and evening.  Especially because the guy who's doing the music in the afternoon on Sundays is a lovely classical guitarist, and it was a fantastic day with great company.

Well, sadly, my mom's working on a family law case where the opponent is not only representing himself (a terrible idea, honestly, trust me) but is also making threats.  Yep, real threats.  Not just the internet-you've-written-bad-fic kind.  Mom's taking it seriously, and I'm glad on the one hand, because it's better to do that than dismiss it.  On the other, I know she's worried enough to take things seriously, and I wish there was some way I could be there to offer physical support - even if it was just company.  Still I haven't learned to fly yet, so I'll just talk to her every day that I can to lend the emotional support.  It's just that these kind of things don't go away all in a minute, no matter what one does.  *wibbles*

And, sadly, it looks like tonight I've really heard the death knell to one of the first (but not the first) friendships I thought I'd made in Austin.  It happens, certainly, but it never feels good, no matter how I try to intellectually console myself.  I like people, dammit.  But there are only so many things I can do if the other person doesn't want to hang out with me.  Short of tying them up and telling them to like me, dammit!  (and somehow that never works out, does it?)

Then there's the financial aid numbers that don't seem to match the numbers that are on my bill from the Study Abroad organization, so there's a fun mess I'm going to have to try to sort tomorrow.  But there's plenty of time to actually deal with that during the business hours, so I'm trying not to let it get to me tonight, when I can't exactly do a single thing.

Since this is the last totally free weekend I'm going to have in town we're doing it up like crazy with a BBQ (and who knows, possibly some other things thrown in!).  Which means that tonight we went out and bought.... a BBQ!  heee.  We had one before, but it was charcoal, and we've finally caved and bought an impressive, stainless steel, propane-run monster with three burners on the inside and one on the outside so you can make an entire meal outside of the house and only have to go back in for ice.  And since our garden chairs had all but died (really, we had one left, and we took turns sitting on it), we bought new cafe chairs and pretty green pads for them... so now our tushies will enjoy the outside as much as our tummies will (or something like that).

Of course, the other thing I'm looking forward to, with a grin, a giggle, and a set of posts I can't wait to hit send on?  summer_of_giles ... fandomy-goodness at it's best

huh, i think i have far more to be happy about than to worry, and writing it out always makes things feel better.  Thank goodness.
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