my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Looking for new mod for beegee_icontest

scratchingpost1 and I are looking for a new moderator for beegee_icontest.  Interested in Buffy/Giles icons?  Have time once every two weeks to choose some pictures and post some voting? 

It's a firmly established comm, so it really doesn't need all that much.  You'd have to do the following:

- find pitctures of Buffy & Giles (screencap or other) for each Contest  (we have a ton of resources, this is not difficult)
- upload the pics and post Contest details every two weeks (that's the supposed schedule)
- upload the submitted files for each contest and then post the voting
- announce winners and possibly make award banners (although I'd still be willing to help out with this if you wanted)
- once every couple of months or so, update the Shared Icon Page with submissions from the contest

If you're interested, please comment here and let us know?  We'd like to find a new moderator before the first week in June. 

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