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On Japanese Showers... and my ability to use them

Since this seems to be the topic of interest....

First, there is not a shower, but a Shower Room.  I feel it's important to capitalize on this, for some strange reason.  So, inside the Shower Room you will find a tub that is really the size of a small jacuzzi (sans jets... come on people) that has the following sign (in English & Japanese):  Please wash before using the tub, and do not empty when finished.  Leave for others to use, and our maids will empty it in the morning.

Ok, so the idea of having a communal hot tub is not so bad, really, but it's the way one is supposed to get clean on the first hand that ... well, it's interesting.  You see, along the back wall there are two "shower" heads, much like the picture below:

(sorry, I'm using someone else's picture because we don't have enough bandwidth for me to upload pics)

Except we only have two of those nozzley thingies.  Here's the rub - you dont' just turn it on and have water until you're done.  No, this is one of those things where you press a button, get water for about a minute, and then it tapers off.  So you press the button again.  And water tapers.  Then button, then taper.  It's washing with pauses in between.  My legs, in particular, are not used to this kind of treatment, and protested being shaved, vehemently, when they were not properly warmed up by water streaming past them for the 5 minutes it takes me to shampoo my hair.  And sadly, while those little nozzles do pump out the water, I'm worried that I just don't have the dexterity to get all of the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair ... or that i'm getting most of it in my eyes or ears when I am aiming correctly.

So the other thing?  One doesn't really want to sit on the floor to do all this washing.  However, our shower heads are not as high up on the wall as these are, so you end up squatting down to do things, holding the shower head in one hand and the soapy washcloth in the other, or getting really cold. 

I'm left feeling I missed something, and that there has to be some way people use these types of facilities quickly, and easily.  But like I said yesterday - at least I'm pretty sure I'm clean.

ETA: I am the new master of the universe! I discovered the *seats*!!! (small tupperware things that looked like trash cans with a hole cut in the bottom - except they are kept upside down for a reason - so one can rest on them and wash). I knew there was an easier way!

ETA2: I'm really sorry i haven't responded to all of your comments - with this bandwidth issue, I can't seem to be logged into lj and actually get to a comment at the same time. I am reading though! And thinkign of sassy replies, don't you worry!
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