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Japan: A Quick Photo Tour

Current Picture Count:  449
Weeks in Japan:  2.5
Pictures uploaded:  14

Below you'll find some selected pictures - what I was able to upload through the highs and lows of the slightly improved internet available in the lounge right next to the faculty lounge in our new and improved NYC housing.  These are sorta scatterd.  But still... they're here!

This is our housing for the summer. Even though when we got back to the NYC building we switched floors - but I'm still in room 222. It's on the other side of the building from this view. However, those of you who've been to Santa Cruz may feel an odd kind of nostalgia. Or, I do. :D

My room! Yep, that's it. My new one is a floor higher, so the trees are just a little lower out the window, but that's it, same bedspread and all.

One of my three most favorite pictures this trip. At Meiji Shrine you can buy a little prayer shingle, write your wish on it, and hang it on a tree. The tree is surrounded by layers and layers of these shingles, all beautiful in different languages. And now you can see it yourself.

Also at Meiji was a Bansai exhibit.  This was my favorite one. 

The entrance to Harajuku - it's maybe a little hard to see but that street?  Completely filled with people.  And it just goes on and on an on and on. 

The first of two of the Imperial Iris Gardens. For five dollars, you can spent however much time you want amid these trees.  I couldn't stop taking pictures.  Really.  Could not stop.

One of the ... oh... i think maybe 50 or so close up shots of the iris.  They were ... unspeakably fantastic.

This is taken just outside of the Imperial Palace (a place were were not allowed to go into, although we did walk around it).  But it's just a beautiful city, Tokyo is.

My host family!  Makoto is in the background, Yukari is in the forefront, and underneath the drums you'll see little Hiyato.  This is at the arcade part of the mall.

Hiyato (and his dad) at the Hydrangia flower farm.  I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Hiyato, because it captures the smile he had for his father.  They were incredibly adorable together the entire time I stayed with him.

One of my favorite Hydrangia pictures.  It's only because Neil gave me such a pretty camera that I could take these pretty pictures.

Mobara Koen (Mobara Park) and the lake filled with water lilies.

The traditional dance done on our last full day in Mobara (Wednesday) was with this fantastic lion mask.  Even it's ears rotated. 

Last dinner with the entire family - see our hand made gyoza sitting on the table?  And you get some idea of the size of the apartment, as well. 
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