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Ok, first off, I take it back - I am totally remiss in saying I have three loyal readers - it seems there are more of you out there who are willing to put up with my endless babbling about Japan!  Massive hugs to you all for slogging through it (and LG, I just suck. You are awesome. And so are LillianV and Nalesse for giving me good advice! Thanks guys!). 

When last I posted it was Wednesday... and nothing really happened for a couple of days.  People got sicker and dropped out of class like flies, and then it was Friday and we had a class field trip to Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University - it's the #1 Ivy League college of Japan... and goes by Todai for short).  Since we're working on directions right now we actually had to stop and ask directions from train station guards over and over again - it was fantastic.  Ok, not really.  And since our professor hadn't actually been there before once we got on campus we had to ask for a place to get food and ended up in a cafeteria, and then ... we were done.  No tour.  No visiting a classroom.  Nothing.  I have some pictures of the campus though - it's pretty and very much a university anywhere.

Friday night, however?  was FANTASTIC!

We started out in Shinjuku at a nomi-hodai karaoke bar... and even though we'd scheduled to pay for only an hour of drinks and orded them right away, they took half an hour to get us anything.  At that point Sarrin didn't even wait to kampai before she downed two drinks.  And I'm here to tell you that Moscow Mules are my friends - it's gingerale and vodka and it tastes totally refreshing and quite yummy.  The only saving grace about the drinks was that once we got them they were fairly strong!  So in my next post I'll put in a couple of pictures of the laughing goofy good time we had at the karaoke bar.  Of course, because the drinks were so late, both Johnny and Sarrin decided they were going to get QUITE drunk.  Not that the rest of us were sober or anything.  But after we left the nomi-hodai we decided to head to the only dance club I've been to in Tokyo - Arty Farty!  Yep,  it was back to the gay club for us.

And since it seems to be the unnoficial dance location for the cool people in the summer program, when we got there we were met with Horikawa and Tran!  And a couple of other people too.  We danced, and danced, and danced some more.  And then poured everybody into cabs at the end of the night and enjoyed a little leftover nan when we got back to the dorm. 

I can't really explain how much giddy fun it is going out with these people, but we really do have a fantastic time.  It's hard to put into words, really, the silly, but it's there.  You'll see it in the pictures.

And as for today...

Mine was delightful - after I slept in until noon (hey, we were out until 4 am... I have to make up that sleep somehow) Tebo and I went and got some food (a hamburger at one of the hamburger places in Yoyogi-Hatchiman area) and had a lovely talk about life and everything. We headed back afterwards and I decided I was going to get to the Diet Library if it killed me. So I figured out the train stops and headed out with my little map in hand.

Of course, the first day I decide to do something by myself I meet Roman on the steps of the NYC entrance and he decides to come with me. But that's ok, he's a nice guy (sweetheart, sorta thinks too hard, very smart, theatre geek who's into politics) and we actually made it to the Diet to have a half an hour of research. Sadly, the Diet computers don't use english and they have no english terminals so I did research in japanese! Luckily I know the katakana for cyberpunk - I got about 15 titles/authors that I'm going to look up in english and see if I can find and I want to go back because we did run out of time.

Neil sent me a link to Gridskipper (travel blog) and while scanning their entries on Tokyo, one mentioned the book district - Jimbocho - and so I looked up how to get there and we went! And there were books! It's really cool - there are a whole bunch of bookstores clustered all in the same area ... used bookstores, and sure, they were all in Japanese, but it was still really really fun to wander in and look at books. Some of the stores were themed so there was the movie bookstore that had bios of directors, actors, books about movies, things like that, and then the store about Umi-e painting (books on how to do it, we presumed), the one on theatre, the one that only had music and music realated stuff... it was great! And on the second floor of one of the bigger places they had a used english book section that was fantastic. I wish I could've taken pictures, but instead I bought a couple of books - this one old book with translated Japanese detective stories with an introduction by Raymond Chandler, a book of short stories from that woman author I love from the Women in Japanese fiction class Kono Taeko, and a book that I actually borrowed from Kirsten (so I can return her book finally)! It was FANTASTIC.

Then we went to the pub to get dinner since Roman hadn't been there yet, although I opted for a very good but slightly strange teryaki chicken salad. And we came back here and I decided not to go out tonight because I was pooped. Instead I did laundry.  Sexy huh?  Well, I don't want to be a rockstar every night.

And in just a couple of minutes I'll do another photo post so keep your eyes peeled.
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