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Japan: More Photos...

Current Picture Count:  605
Weeks in Japan:  4
Pictures uploaded:  31

This is the view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Building - see that green space there?  That's the top edge of Yoyogi Koen (the park where I stay)

Second view - see those buildings on the edge of the park? That's where I live!!

This is one of my other favorite "group" shots - all of those people in the picture are the IES Summer Tokyo kids, and we're going on our first trip to Meiji Jingu. I've posted some other pictures of the shrine, but I'm considering submitting this one to the IES photo contest since it includes both the kids from class and something cool and Japanese.

Iris Gardens, again. I only posted two pictures up last time, but I think I have more than 50 of the flowers, so... here's another one of my favorites. You can see how they're irrigated and separated in their own little area.

again. upclose and personal.

More Meiji Shrine - when Megan and I walked back at the end of the day there was no one there, so we photoed to our heart's content.

The way home.

Another host family pic - aren't they cute? I think so too.

The field of Hakka (graves and grave markers) outside of the Mobarra temple we went to.

The lights of Shinjuku at night - and yes, this picture was taken outside of the building that houses the hyakku-en store (the Japanese dollar store). We love the hyakku en store!

Our group!! Or at least everybody who went to Nikko - this is all of us, moments after taking a group picture. And if you're trying to find me... I'm not in there because I'm taking the picture. Sneaky huh?

And if you were jonesing for a picture of me... here I am! Along with Sarrin (the woman with black hair), Nhut (the boy), and Andria (the woman with blond hair). Aren't we cute? We think so.

Detail of the temple wall - all of the temples were covered in these fantastic carvings ... it must've taken hundreds of people to create, and it's fantastic.

The tori gate with temple buildings behind. It doesn't really translate, but the sky was actually filled with misty clouds that threaded through the trees and made everything tranquil and quiet. Beautiful.

Karaoke!!! And us being quite goofy. That's Johnny in the background, me in the middle, and Sarrin in the front. *grin*

Me and Marius!

And that's all for now!!! Some day I'll actually post more of my pictures, but ... i figure ya'll are not going to be as excited to look at 600+ pictures as I was to take them!
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