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Ok, so I managed to cut my pinky finger on the filing cabinet (it's metal), and I'm now bandaged and doing fine but I'm having a bit of trouble typing.

BUT, in happy news, I found the awesomest article today on the subversive nature of mothers and their bodies. It's frigging fabulous, and I've got to thank dara_starscream because she said one thing that jarred my whole paper into taking baby steps last night! She told me all the stories I wanted to talk about all sounded like women who wanted to control. And the lightbulb went up over my head. Course, it's a day later and the nitty gritty of a thesis will transform that idea of control into one of power and construction of self, but hey, you say tomato and i say tomato, right? *grin*

Now I have three more things to read, at least 7 pages of an outline to actually sit down an write. But at least I'm getting somewhere.

Oh, also, gotta thank miss glimmergirl properly for being my motivation today, otherwise I probably would've simply IM'd and read fantasy fiction and goofed around instead of getting my butt in gear.

(except for a slight detour where i make myself a school icon, since the only one i've got has to do with smut... sigh. Need more time!)
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