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just a quickie

to say that i've been flying around tokyo with wings attached to my sneakers.  And waiting for my laundry to dry.  Did you know it takes three days for most laundry to dry here?  It does.  It's fantastic.  I accidentally miscalculated and washed all of my clothes except the ones I was wearing and some jamies - so i've had to wear the same clothes for two days.

that being said on Sunday I...
went and found Megan and Taylor and the three of us walked to the next train station (where the irish pub is) to get some lunch. The cool part? There was a street fair of some kind going on there! I have great pics of the street decorated, and the crowds (and trust me, this is not a crowded neighborhood most days). But the best part was these big pens they'd set up as petting zoos for the little kids - they had goats, sheep, chickens, chicks, bunnies, guinea pigs and even a pony ride!!! And there were taiko drummers and another lion dance thing (like we saw in Mobara - except this one was actually being performed in a local celebration instead of at the community center for us). So that was a super cool way to start the day.

After that we went to see the Harijuku girls - it was pretty anti climactic unfortunately. Basically it's a bunch of caucasian people with cameras out to take pictures of a half a dozen ubergoth kids. However, we walked back into the shopping district and wandered down the street to show Taylor all the crazy shops and things, so that was cool. And of course I found some souvenirs/presents for people!

After that we hopped the train to Akihabara and wandered around ... but I was feeling a little third wheely and fairly foot sore, so after an hour or so I split up from them and headed back to NYC, grabbed myself some dinner and worked on homework.

and then there was Monday...

full day of class.  Professor who's getting annoyed because people aren't even trying to pay attention - and seriously, I felt like smacking them upside the head today.  It's too easy to notice when someone's not paying attention - and yet the people in our class seem to realize less and less about the prof's teaching methods. 

Then we were off to Asakusa - this great old town part of Tokyo that has a huge temple.  It was monday night and filled to capacity with people, all toting green plants with orange flowers on them.  We don't know what the festival was, b ut there were games and rides and little turtles you could buy for the kids (and were so cute we were almost tempted, but then we thought about diseases you can get from the little guys and preferred to oooh and awww over them when they were in the little tanks).  We got accosted by a Japanese English teacher who wanted to lead us around, and I'll never forget the rhythm of the monk's chants as we reached the main part of the temple.  It was overwhelming and beautiful and then Tebo and i went and found a little kid's park and swung on the swings.

There's something wonderful about flying through the air and feeling as if the only goal you have to reach is to get higher.  Been feeling as if I'm going to be running like the wind for the rest of my time here, too, in the very same way I felt on the swing as it went up tonight. The plan, right now, is this:

Tuesday we have an IES Kabuki thing and on the way back from that we're going to the book district again, Wednesday Megan and I have tentatively talked about going to another flower garden, Thursday we have our "returning home" orientation and then we're going out that night because Sarrin's going to be visiting her host family during the weekend, Friday night Gabriel's coming up and we're going out for sure with Megan and Taylor and Andrea at least (and probably some more people), Saturday night Andrea's planning to hang with me and Gabriel since Megan's going to be at an onsen with her boy, and Sunday we're going to Ueno to see the red pandas and some museums... and those are our plans for the week! Crazy huh? But we only have like 12 days left, and there's so much we want to do.

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