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neither typhoons nor earthquakes nor ...

ok, i don't actually remember that line well enough to look it up, much less mangle the quote into something that fits my situation. But, xdawnfirex was wondering if I was still alive after the earthquake so I thought I'd be reassuring:

x. still alive! I actually slept through the earthquake and didn't feel a thing (or if I did I thought it was simply a truck passing or something). The kids who were in class today said that the walls shook and they felt like they were on a ship for a couple of seconds, but that was it. The epicenter was far enough away from us that we didn't get the brunt of it.

x. we actually had a typhoon also hit Japan a couple of days ago, but since the country is so used to dealing with them it apparently didn't even show up on much of the international news. All it did by the time it reached Tokyo was drop a lot of water out of the sky - equivalent to one of your major Texas thunderstorms without the hail (well, for 48 hours, but that was really the only difference)

Got my first experience with Japanese hospitals today - or sort of experience. Today is a Japanese holiday, so they had minimal staff and... get this: on holidays they can only issue enough medicine for one day. So even though they are giving me antibiotics, they could only give me one day's worth. I have to go back tomorrow to pick up the rest. Yep, that's right. Now, before you let the word "hospital" confuse you into thinking my condition is super serious, it's not, it's simply that since IES doesn't have any medical staff they have to take us to the hospital for any treatment at all. I've got a cold/cough with a slight fever and some tonsil swelling, hence the antibiotics. So much fun. But at least it's going to get cured even if it does take trips to the hospital to do it.

Anyway, just wanted to reassure you guys in case you were worried - I'm alive! And getting better!
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