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Current (and final) Picture Count: 742
Weeks in Japan:  6.5
Pictures uploaded: 742

Here's the thing... I sat down to write titles for the pictures I'd uploaded - you know, a kind of online narrated slide show.  Then I realized that I'd probably be sitting here until next week doing the same thing if I kept to my same pace of titling and typing.  Rather than chain myself to the computer for those reasons, below you'll find links to the galleries I've set up.

If you find a picture in one of the galleries and you want to know about it copy the link and stick it in a comment and ask me... and i'll tell you what it is!  

gallery 1:  Tokyo - the first week

     subgallery:  more pics from the bansai/wabisabi/ikebana display at Meiji Shrine

     subgallery:  more pics from the Imperial Iris Gardens

gallery 2:  Mobarra - homestay

     subgallery:  more pics from the Ajisai (hydrangia) gardens

gallery 3:  Weekend in Nikko

gallery 4:  Tokyo Days & Nights

gallery 5:  Tsukiji Fish Market

gallery 6:  The final days

gallery 7:  Pics from other people (mostly of places where my battery ran out)

I'm sorry, I know it's the lazy way out.  But man, I took WAY too many pictures. 
Tags: summer japanese

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