my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

it feels weird not to be writing about Japan

that's probably because I've lived and breathed it for the last couple of months, huh?

Now, though, there's the getting back to life of life.  The having breakfast with my honey at our favorite breakfast place kind of life.  The Deb and Erik were in town so we did dinner and Summer NAMM walking around and Elysium Showcase watching kind of life.   The have Sunday afternoon coffee chat with lostgirlslair and mrtwstedwhsprs kind of life. 

It's really good to have my darling in my physical proximity again.  A thousand times better than having to talk across the ocean when he's going to bed and I'm waking up.  It's wonderful to do dumb things like get my own water without having to buy it from a vending machine, to use two-ply toilet paper, to sink into my bed and not be worried about if the comforter's been washed in this lifetime.

The traces of Japan haven't been flushed out of the system, thankfully.  I still want to respond with casual Japanese words, I still calculate what greeting I'm supposed to be using depending on the time of day, and dear god facebook has now consumed as much of my time as livejournal has keeping up with pictures and comments and people.  I want to eat more fruit (i know, it's weird, but it's a habit I picked up in the last couple of weeks - more fruit and more yogurt).

Tomorrow starts the study portion of this month for me - the deal I made with myself when I didn't do the cram school was that I'd bring back things and study my ass off in the month I have between summer trip and fall school.  But there's a ton of housey stuff to do since my Dad & Stepmom and nephew and sister are coming to visit this next week for a couple of days on their American road trip and I want everything to be as pretty as it can be for when they get here.  We'll see how much I get done there - I want to clean up the garden but if it rains every day I'm not sure if I'll be able to stand not only working in it, but basically working in the mud.

And I think, because 700 pictures are daunting, at some point I'm going to try to put together a "these are the Must SEE" pics of my trip to Japan and try and get it down to ... oh... 30?  40?  for those who don't have a million hours.  But we'll see - I still have things I need to unpack at this point, so that's got to come first.

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