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Family Visit... the extended version

My dad, stepmom, adoptive sister & nephew got here last week... Wednesday night.  They're doing a tour of the middle part of the US - visiting relatives in Missouri and friends in Arkansas and then us in Texas.  We did the traditional tour of the University on Thursday, and drove by the Whole Foods cuz that's what you're supposed to do.  Friday we drove out to Fredericksburg and wandered around the Pacific War museum (my dad's a kind of a war buff and the town's really cute).  Headed back and had some dinner and then realized that their air conditioning really didn't work well.

So we took the car in at 8 am on a Saturday morning to get the air conditioner recharged.  After that we'd planned to go to Barton Springs and do some swimming to cut down on the heat. 

Sadly, it was not to be.  My dad had apparantly been suffering from a toothache for the last couple of days (but suffering in silence with the occasional grunt thrown in).  It abscessed.  He bascially ended up with a swollen cheek and some pretty bad pain gong on.

Miracle of miracles we found a dentist that would come in on a Saturday to look at him even though he wasn't an existing patient.  The nicest guy I've met in a long time.  He did emergency surgery on my dad after an initial consultation and had to pull the tooth and clear out the abscess.  It was NOT fun, even sitting in the waiting room, so I can't imagine that it was great for my dad either.  He's the one that had to go through the painful parts. 

Luckily it's out now, and everything's going to be ok.  Unfortunately, my dad's still not feeling particularly well (completely understandable) so he's passed out asleep.  We're tucked into the airconditioned house watching Season 3 Buffy (yay for 16 year old adoptive sisters who like it too!!) while everybody else plays on the computer and my stepmom cooks because (I think) she feels bad about having been camped out in our house.

I'm letting her do it because I know she feels bad about being here and because I know she likes to do things her own way... but part of me wants to do things MY way.  I don't mind cooking for six, I don't mind shopping for six but I also know it's no big deal.  It's kind of cute really.

So are the teenagers.  Francesca (my sister type person) is gangly tall and 17 and beautiful in that 17 year old girl way.  Lyle (my nephew) is 17 and tall and gangly in that "i wear a dirty baseball cap and white t-shirt" kind of way.  I've always loved him best out of my nephews, and Frankie's been a darling ever since she became part our family.  We went out last night and saw Borne Ultimatum with them ... we needed to get out of the house a little at least... and they're super cute.  Played Scattergories the night before and they both took to it like fish to water.  I feel bad that they're both cooped up, but they didn't actually seem like they wanted to go out this morning when I asked what they wanted to do, so that's what they get!  Gotta speak up in this house! 

Actually, tonight the plan is to go to see the bats, so that will be *something* outside.  And tomorrow I will do my best to actually take Frankie to the springs, even if I can't find my swimsuit (which i can't - i know it came back from Japan, but i can't seem to find it now).

For now, though, we're just hanging out.  Woot. ;)  I think they're heading out on Tuesday, but we will see.  I absolutely don't want my dad in a car trying to drive across states when he's not feeling well.  Especially since he tends to push himself a little hard as it is.

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