my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Banners Anyone? (request post closed)

Hey guys, I'm feeling a little graph-y at the moment - anybody need/want story/fic banners? 

Number of requests:  5 banners (received)

Estimated time of completion:  3 days

Samples:  My banner archive is here.  My icons/wallpaper archive is here.

Wills & Won'ts:  I work mostly in the Buffy-verse, so if you're looking for something outside of that, I'll need high quality pics from you. I have trouble doing major focus on Connor shipped with anyone. Everything else is totally open (many of the kinky things you can imagine, I probably have source pics for, too!)

Other info: If you don't specify a size, I'll probably do something around 800x400. If you have any specific ideas, let me know - including specific pics, favorite colors, mood, favorite types of text (I may not be able to match perfectly, but I'll try), if you like "busy" or "collage" or "simple", if you'd like nudity or partial nudity, inks to other people's art you've really liked, etc. OR no specs at all! Either way. I tend to use promo pictures, but mix in screencaps too. I will always create at least 1 lj-sized icon for the work - but if you want smaller versions for any reason, ask and I can provide!  I may end up giving you alternates (sometimes different color, etc) because I generally do different versions and then can't decide which I like.
Tags: my graphics

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