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FANDOM SQUEE (Friday Edition): 2 Giles/Faith fics

My fadom!squee today is brought to you by two fantastic writers who took a gauntlet that I threw down a while ago... because in fandom, when you give, fandom gives back.

Remember this graphic?

two lovely writers have adopted it:

Blue, Red, and Grey (PG13) by eurydice72
A fantastic little ficlet by one of my favorite authors.  She was kind enough to depart a little from her favorite pairing and god I love it when she jumps ship.  It's lovely prose, with wonderful twisting words that go so incredibly well with the images.

Close Your Eyes and Go (NC17) by only_passenger
Unbenounced to me, only_passenger actually picked up the header when I posted it at darker_spike (in the hopes it would find a home) ... and she was kind enough to let me know a couple of days ago that she'd begun what she says is a bit of a "run away freight train" of a story.  Trust me, you should get on this train.  It's marvelous Faith voice, and wonderful Giles.  Worth every word.

Tags: *pairing: giles/faith, recs, squee

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