my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Caffiene and cofee buzzed, with fingers hammering over the keys, my hands are scratched by our sneezy kitten and I'm warmer than I should be in the airconditioned house.  Then again, turning the thermostat up to 78 because you're tired of hearing it wheeze makes the air warmer, doesn't it?

Alone in the house again - Neil's gone off for his usual LA whilrwind and I'm left to mind the cat and hold down the fort and possibly get some work done.

But there are three different kinds of work all bundled up into this thing I call life right now.  The house, that takes constant maintaining because I leave a trail of crap despite my best efforts.  A paper here, a book there, the magazine I started in the bathroom and dragged out to the couch to finish.  Shoes seem to multiply in the front hallway faster than the kitten can attack them and beat them back.  Besides, he's sleeping anyway.  He wakes up at 5 or maybe 7 am to bite my hand enough that I have to put him on the ground - and still his back up, our little boxer kitten that never gives up and won't take no for an answer.

Work-work is the other interruption (of a sort) since there are phone calls and emails and I keep telling myself it's completely worth it because, hey, money.  And a healthy sort of money for a job that doesn't have hours or require that I do too much when I'm busy, just occasinally answer some questions and tell people they should download some software and generally that's it.

But it takes time, both of those do.  Besides the care and feeding of Kates, which take up lots of time too.  And then there's the checking of email, the playing with graphics, and although neither of these are a job, they certainly suck attention.  Oh, and I can't forget the phone calling - friends, relatives, countrymen?  Staying in touch takes work, it does, and it's worthwhile because i don't ever want to lose my people.

That being said, the last of the three, the schoolwork?  Never a quiet moment.  Tonight I'm planning to shut it all down - I have the books out right now, spread around me, kanji on the left and stories on the right, and a translated one to take outside on smoke breaks.  Surrounded.  Eventually they're gonna close in and I'll be typing in Japanese here someday, waiting for someone to translate my untranslatable sentences and look up my particles and wonder why I used that kanji. 

and so it goes
Tags: attempts at writing, journal entries

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