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FANDOM SQUEE (monday edition): Fic Recs!

a couple of days ago I posted that I'd make some banners if people wanted them.  And WHOAH the response!  HEEEE!  You guys rock cuz you let me make graphics for your work.

So here are the results.  Now, the reason why you should check below?  Because it is my total pleasure to create fic banners for such fantastic fics!  I get to give virtual prezzies to some of my favorite peoples - this is what the fandom fun is about.  So if you haven't read the works yet, go, forth, read!  I guarante you'll have a great time!

author:  malnpudl
fic:  After 8:30 (Giles/Wes/Buffy, PG13)

author:  antennapedia
fic: Blackmail series (Giles/Buffy, NC17)

author: mireille719 & soft_princess
fic: Conspiracy Theory (Giles/Xander, FRT)

author: soft_princess
fic: What Happens In Vegas... (and ...Stays In Vegas)
(Giles/Xander, NC17)

requestor: elizabuffy
purpose: her lj

Tags: *character: faith, *fandom: btvs.ats, *pairing: giles/buffy, *pairing: giles/buffy/wes, *pairing: giles/xander, my graphics, my headers, not sharable, recs, squee

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