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I just got informed that I get to be the TA for my very first class! YES! TA-ness!! I will get to grade papers and have office hours (probably in the hallway since our dept doesn't have offices for our tas, but whatever)!

i haven't posted anything for days because after the fam left we've been fairly uneventful.  lostgirlslair and her TF and I all had coffee at a new (for me) place and thank all the gods it's a much better place than our old hang out.  We'd been meeting at a certain cafe for ages because it was convenient, but they had stopped bothering with even the most rudimentary attempts at customer service (not just for us, but seriously, leaving a table for two hours when they're *trying* to get your attention? bleh), and because their food was expensive and it sucked.  The new place, although it doesn't have service, is a thousand times better.  The barrista actually even asked me how my day was going!  It's like he knew I was a person!  Crazy, huh?

We've been doing little repairs around the house too, and although that's exciting for us it's not exactly entertaining - an actual full lenght mirror on our closet door (finally I will see my feet + my ensemble) put in some storage for my shoes and unmentionables, put in a new front door light and peep hole, and best of all... I bought new dishes!!  Finally we're not using dishes from our childhood.  We'd had a combo of Neil's parents dishes and my parents' dishes for the last ... um... 10 years.  And both those sets were from the 70s.  Imagine the frightening brown colors.  So now, after three years of debating back and forth over what kind we wanted (i started out wanting square and sorta cool mattte color... neil wanted white and round and shiny...) we compromised to white, round, and shiny!  LOL.  I'm actually really happy with what we ended up with, thank god, and we at our first dinner with them last night.  Haute cuisine: homemade hamburgers and french fries.

Besdies reading, goofing aroudn with more graphics (oh, and I got accepted to jossverse_elite today!  woot!), and poking the kitten (and watching him grow) that's it, from here.  School starts next week, and I can't wait.
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