my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

my head may actually explode

but it's a good thing!

Met with my professor/advisor today - I'm also TAing the class for her this fall - and we went over the syllabus for the grad class I'm taking with her and the class I'm going to TA for her and a little bit about my master's project and talked a little bit about my course load and what class I should take this fall and OH MY GOD it's going to be a busy semester.

Yep, that's right, three Japanese classes.  The first?  Fourth Year Japanese (basically).  It's the hardest class anyone can take at our university for Japanese. 

The second?  Classical Japanese.  Yep, this semester we have a professor who teaches classical Japanese, and since it has seperate endings and uses different kanji from modern Japanese it's worth it for me to read anyway.

Third?  Readings in Japanese.  This is the grad class that my prof actually teaches, and she isn't going to let us slack AT ALL.  We're reading actual texts in Japanese, and even though there are some translations, other stuff is not translated yet, so I'm going to really have to work my behind off.  Especially since she's going to have us actually do a two paragraph translation every week.  Every week.  EEEEEK!  but it'll be fantastic practice in translating, that's for damn sure.

And then, after all that, I get to TA!  And that class has sixty students and even though we're not going to have them writing papers, they are going to take three tests and probably do a group assignment a day and have to submit a question each class that they then get participation points for.  We're going to have to be methodical and wow it's awesome because she even let me help design the curriculum an i feel like my brain is about to explode with the goodness and the excitedness of it all.  OH, and for that class I actually get to teach two days as well, so I'll have to prep my discussion for that, too.

Yep.  Insane.  but hey, that's what I hopped on this crazy train for - the insanity!
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