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snips & snails and puppy dog tails.

I registered for every class I wanted (and Maija, I'm not going to be taking Japanese I & II at the same exact time - I'll take I first, then II second, so it's all spread out). Then I found out my fav. prof from this semester is probably going to teach a class on Japanese film in the fall that wasn't even in the course catalogue. So we'll see what exactly it is that I'm taking come fall.

I've read 9 articles on what constitutes intelligence today, and have another 10 or so to go. And I say to myself, "Self? You said the astronomy class was going to be fun and reasonably easy! You totally lied!" However, at least the articles are more interesting and coherent and make interesting statements about mathematics being a construction of humans and not some universal truth, about animals possessing the ability to count, about babies and robots and what separates them and how people learn and ... ok, so, yeah, not so bad.

It's 'apply for more loans' time again, so that's on the to do list today, along with needing to review my classmate's outlines, a lit book to read, some flashcards to make with pretty native plants on them, and ... linguistics homework. Well, at least there's no time for boredom.

Apparantly I'm not that much of a procrastinator, except that I tend to take too much on:

You scored as Overdoer. Your procrastination type is the overdoer, who agrees to more than he or she can handle. Overdoers are hard-workers and get some things done, but cannot succeed at everything. They can be hard to detect as being procrastinators, because they are always so busy doing something. They have difficulty saying saying declining people’s requests but feel resentful when the time comes to do them.

What type of procrastinator are you? Take the Quiz!

And I feel awful for the poor woman who's reading/commenting on my outline who called me last night, with hesitant voice and overworked brain, and asked me what the heck I was saying. She's never read theory, she's never taken a lit class, and she didn't even know what sadomasochism was. Poor woman. And she's supposed to comment on my argument? Yeah, if I was her my brain probably would have felt like it was going to explode too. Sigh. I hope I actually helped, but with the soft spoken ones you can never be too sure if they're saying they understand because they really do, or just to get off the phone and away. Guess I'll find out when I read her review, won't I?

So all this work, and a pretty to do list to boot, and all I want to do is sit around and make icons. But the lure of TV is far more fun. Survivor with my honey. Here i come.
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