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The Birthday Boy

Yesterday was the birthday of the handsomest man I know.  Yep, my boyfriend.  ;)

So to celebrate we went out for pizza to a little place called Frank & Angies (where you can actually get a decent wine with your pizza) and to Tiff's Treats for fresh baked cookies as dessert.  He liked all of his presents (even the one I forgot about becuase I'd bought it at a random time and shoved it in the back of the closet - only remembered it this morning), he had a good time, and there were fresh baked cookies! 

So happy birthday again darling one!  Every day of my life is happier with you in it, and every year is better when I get to spend it with you.

And if you want to see what a man looks like when his cat decides to cuddle with him on his birthday...

It was a rollercoaster!  Ok, so, Wednesday was Classical Japanese and Japanese 330.  Classical Japanese is taught by my favorite type of male professor - the british kind!!  YAY for that accent!  And that kind of knowledge and training.  As of today (as we have class with him on Fridays as well) he is apt to go of in incredibly interesting and enlightening tangents, he's very very well trained in Classical Japanese, linguistics, and the history of languages.  He assumes we know diacritical marks (thank goodness for my intro to linguistics because otherwise I'd be completely lost), he's going to be assinging us lots of homework, and Classical Japanese is going to be interesting, fun, and keep me on my tippy top toes in terms of casual conversation and an assumed knowledge of Japanese.

Then there was the 330 class, where the kids who'd just spent a year in Japan snickered at how easy everything was, and those of us who didn't spend the year realized we were going to be in for... work.  Work, work and more work.  But we will be getting our Japanese groove on with a bang, and since class is twice a week for an hour and a half, we'll be able to actually get some things practiced, I think.  And talk about our readings.  And yes, the professor only speaks in Japanese.  No english, not even to explain grammar.  It's going to be tough, but like I said, worth it.

Then on Thursday there was my first day as a TA!  Our classroom is painfully far from the rest of campus, so I met my professor at her office and we clomped our way over there.  It's also a 60-person class, so we're in stadium seating practically, and that has it's own exciting echo.  It was fantastic though, and I know that I'm going to learn bunches while all at the same time being the one that keeps the grades. 

Something else I realized is that all of my admin experience is going to stand me in good stead as a TA since I do that kind of upkeep stuff in my sleep.  Or at least, hopefully.  And since my prof wants me to be involved and part of all of the stuff that we do, she's having me look at everything she sends out before she sends it (and comment on the readings and all of that) and, well, it's fantastic.  Crazy, sort of undefined, but fantastic.
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