my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

and the choo choo train chugs slowly to a stop

1.  Saturday was spent doing reading - read two books and some essayage.  Reading is fun!

2.  Sunday was a BBQ at NOON (freakishly early time if you ask me, but there were young ones there and I know they require more frequent feedings than the rest of us) that I didn't want to drag myself out to, but ended up sortof enjoying.  It was filled with Japanese speakers.  I held myself down to 2 hours, because...

3.  The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent doing homework.  Until 3 am.  Or maybe 3:30?  the clock was fuzzy in my eyes when I finally laid my head to rest.

4.  So today started off this morning quite groggy even though I did get to sleep in until 9:30 - but office hours when no one shows up are actually quite lovely.  I sent off emails, got work done, practiced for one of my kanji quizzes and started reading another article.

5.  We got our schedule in Classical Japanese and we're testing on Friday!  Part of me is writhing with worry as we still haven't even *gone over* the verb charts we will be expected to reproduce.  However, practice, practice, practice.

6.  Then there was my "lunch" of yogurt and french fries ... it's almost heathy, right?

7.  Modern Japanese is ... well, there's no other word for it.  It's painful.  I will be struggling all semester.  But struggle I will.  One of my darling friends has agreed to try and help me over the rough parts - she's brilliant at Japanese.  And another who used to be brilliant but hasn't practiced in forever and I are set to get together tomorrow.  That will just have to be that.  I will probably bitch and moan about the whole thing ad nasueum.  OH, and we found out that next wednesday we  have a test on ALL of the kanji we've learned in the last three years.  Yep.  ALL of it.

8.  Got out of class, got home, dealt with some lingering work stuff, confirmed that my car is actually paid off according to the finance company's records too (YAY!), emailed financial aid about my TA status, emailed more people I was supposed to, and started to try to think of test questions for my TA-class.  Making up test questions SUCKS.  But that's ok too.

9.  Lost the will to work.

10.  Ate dinner in the hopes that the will to work will return.   Sadly, although I've got more energy, the only thing that's returned is my will to frolic. at least a little, right?

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