my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i'm alive! really!

sorry my dears.  This journal has been frightenly inactive hasn't it?  This is what happens though when I try to get all my homework done.  Which, ultimately, is a good thing.

Classes, on the whole, are fantastic.  Love being a TA still, even though I might not after this weekend since I'm grading my first set of tests.  Woot.  Love my classical Japanese class - and I actually got a perfect score on the half of the test that concerned grammar.  Go me!  Really sorta don't like my Modern Japanese class - we actually had to look up the kanji for autonomus nervous system and I so so so don't care about the nerve system OR about the kanji that you need to write it.  But I continue to slog my butt through that class in the hopes that something will leak in through that I can actually use.  It's all about trying to learn, right?

Our new housemate is lovely, and we're having a good time readjusting to being a three person household instead of a two.  D lets me rattle on about all kinds of nerdy stuff, and we're planning to actually do some work on our garden.  With both of us here willing to take it on we'll hopefully do some little bits and pieces and someday actually make it a place with more than some overgrown vines and trees and grass.  And she likes the electronic stuff that bores me to tears, so apparantly there's a run to best buy in her and Neil's future (and since that kind of stuff bores me to tears, it's a win for me).

The Mommie birthday visit was fantastic - we had a great time going to see a fiddle contest and a bluegrass band and eating at a place called the Rusty Duck on the river the night of her birthday.  They do yummy seafood, and we had cajun shrimp and I had a scrumptious yellowtail with wasabi and a honey butter sauce (trust me, it sounds perhaps weird but was super delicious).  And I got to visit her garden and visit HER! and that was what made the trip absolutely worth it.  Too short, but worth it.

And this weekend?  The plans are grading, homework, translation, farmer's market, bats (hopefully), coffee with lostgirlslair and boy, and more homework!  YAY!  Oh, and having to leave the house at 7 AM for an 8 AM New Employee Orientation.  Oh yay.

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