my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

already friday again?

Tuesday night my prof got me and D free tickets to this fantastic Japanese new wave movie 去熱の季節 (Season of Heat?  The American title's supposedly The Warped Ones... which doesn't really make a whole lot of sense in terms of translation).  It was absolutely fantastic.  Imagine Breathless if it was set in Tokyo and had a completely frenetic main actor that, even when he was dead asleep, seemed to radiate mass amounts of energy and disquiet.  We had great movie talk afterwards both with my Prof and her friend and in the car ride home.  I haven't seen a movie like that in ages and I'm so glad we went. 

And Neil happily played some video games while we were gone - we returned and found the kitten tucked into his side. 

It's lunchtime at our house, and that means at least an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch to watch. It's Friday and I've pretty much lost the will to work.  And I'm searching for boy picks and having much better luck finding girl pics instead (not that it's a bad thing per se, but ... why is it the only boy pics are from porn?)

School is it's rampaging best - on the schedule for this weekend is study for the first Modern Japanese test (I'm sure I'll be ready to crash after Wednesday, when said test is taken, and I have to make my way through four back to back pages of Japanese).  Oh, and I'm correcting tests from the TA'd class too.  Somehow there will be enough time to do that, really there will.  I just think sometimes I'd be better off with a slightly longer day. 

In an attempt to pretend I'm not actually doing work I'm figuring out which kanji I need to test on for Monday - I did a count today and on average we're memorizing about 70 or so new kanji twice a week for the Classical class.  Sadly most of them are heading right into short term memory and aren't coming out in long term - anybody know any memonic tools for learning lots of language stuff and keeping it around?  I can only make up stories about so many of them before the story starts to turn into farce and even though I'm laughing at myself it doesn't exactly help me chortle through the tests.

We're heading out to italian dinner tonight though, and there's a Pecan Street festival and Farmer's Market trip scheduled for tomorrow, and ... yeah.

Time slips faster and faster away from me - it's great fun to watch it slip through my fingers right now - I do feel like I'm accomplishing things, but sometimes it's at a molassas pace.  Sometimes I feel like I could take a week off this very moment and happily content myself with goofing around, and others it feels like I need to work work work work every moment.  And others I feel like I'm playing hookie even when I'm not playing hookie.

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