my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

It's days like this when I'm really not sure I can do all this...

At least not all at the same time.

I had part of a test in my Modern Japanese class (the vocab/kanji part) and a kanji quiz in my Classical Japanese - that means in total today I was expected to be able to reproduce 60 odd kanji and know the meaning of more than 150...

I don't exactly know how I'm supposed to be able to do that.  Even though about 150 of those were kanji I'd previously had in quizzes (so theoretically I had already studied for them and knew them) I still just ...

Part of me feels like I'm dropping the ball.  The other part of me feels like my brain is not functioning properly (dehydration?  too many graphics, not enough brian quizzes?  too many drugs when I was younger?  who knows?), and I want to scream.  I don't honestly know if I was set up for failure or not - I like to think my advisor would have considered having me take just one of these classes if she really knew what was going on - but there's no way I'm performing at the top of my game all the time. 

Frustratingly, the Classical homework I did last night actually didn't even apply today - we spent the day going over more poetry.  That means that the hour and a half I spent doing it last night... well, it's not time lost or anything, because we're going to talk about the next text at some point, but I could've used that for something else.  Making endless flashcards.  Something.

Tonight's plan:  grade tests for a couple of hours.  Imput test scores into grade sheet.  Review readings from Modern Japanese, make some grammar flashcards and some synonym flashcards (since that's a component of the test), then translate the practice test she gave us so I'll recognize all the directions on Wednesday.

Tomorrow?  Get to school at 9:30 or so, hand out graded tests/new group assingments/participation grades, actually go to class, grab lunch in my hour between that and my seminar, seminar away for three hours, then meet half of my Modern Japanese class for a study session from 5-7:30 pm or so.  I figure I'll be home around 8:30 pm, and then I get to spend the rest of the night working on Modern Japanese ... studying in the hopes I'll be able to get a decent grade on our first test. 

just a couple of days and I'll be through it and onto the next hurdle.  That's what I keep telling myself.
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