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And I thought yesterday was long...

So yesterday I had this crazy plan - I thought Dar and I would nip out to the DMV and do her ID card thing at 8 am in the morning.  At least that part worked.  We were done by 8:30 and on the way home. 

We noticed the kitty was having eye trouble, so we ran him over to the vet, and instead of getting to leave him they were able to see us (good for the kitty, bad for Kate who was rapidly losing her study margin on her monday Kanji test).  Turns out he's probably got a little viral infection and he's getting eye drops and he'll be fine.

So, drop Dar and the kitten back at home.  Rush right out to class.  Make the executive decision (since I'm getting there about an hour later than I'd planned) to not make it to Classical Japanese, and to concentrate on my Modern class that afternoon.

Review the reading - yay.  Review the kanji for the quiz - yay.  Go to class... get test back... find out I actually FAILED said test (this was the monster from last week) - this was not a shining moment in my day.

I get home, break the sad news to my family, have a little leftover lunch, get some homework done, and then we decide to go out to our fav. greasy spoon for dinner.  It's fantastic, and we pop back and watch some Heroes and everthing seems perfectly fine.

Then my stomach twists with that little kind of unease you get after a particularly strong cigarette.  I chalk it up to smoking too much that day, until the stomach cramps hit.  Then I chalk it up to the bacon consumed at dinner.  Then dinner comes right up.

Yep, a little bout of food poisoning just for me!  On my second visit to the bathroom I finally realized - it wasn't the greasy spoon food, it was the leftovers I'd had at lunch.  The stomach kept rumbling until about midnight, and then I finally gave it up.

Woke up this morning after trying to sleep in, parked on the sixth floor of the expensive (but slightly closer) parking structure.  Debated with myself about coffee (headache or not to headache, that was the question), and finally relented with the compromise of a bagel too, only to find the expresso machine was broken at the coffee place.  So the bagel was purchased and the coffee was filled with cream. 

Class one was fine, mostly, although I still feel like I'm sleep walking through the day.  But getting through my first bottle of water helped my attention span, and all I had to do was turn back papers anyway.  Oh, and nock over my coffee (probably for the best, right?).  Running to the library for one of the short story translations I needed for Class two.  I decided against dicey sushi and weird wraps and settled on cherios and milk for lunch, only to find out after I'd poured all of the milk into the thing that the milk was bad.  No time to pick up new food though, so I drank my smart water and tried to weather three hours of lecture.

Which, on the whole, wasn't that painful.  Although there is this woman in my class that just ... can't ... think outside the box.  Or, I don't know quite how to explain her.  She should be interesting, but everytime she opens her mouth she just ... it's just boring.  I'm sure she thinks the same thing of me.  She also cannot get beyond a story to see what's outside of it - too much focus on details and absolutely NO theoretical ability (and I've had her in a class before so I know - she's never going to learn it).  The only thing I envy her for is her Japanese.

So, anyway, managed to survive through mostly surviving on water and a little bread today and make it home.  Thank god.  Now I'm ready to pass out, but there's japanse homework to do, some kanji to study with, three short stories have to get read, and THEN tomorrow's my birthday!
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