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allllll right then.

where did this story last leave off? Oh yeah, the dregs of Tuesday's evening, where I was undernourished and ready for a quiet birthday that didn't come with some weird calamity. What I got was a fantastic day (thank you to all and sundry for your on and offline birthday wishes - made me grin like a fool for hours and hours and hours). I walked into my classical japanese class and got Happy Birthday shouted from gladdened friends (made me blush, but still, fantastic). Made it through modern japanese and managed to make my way home to my boy and my girl and pretty cards and presents and a dinner at a new spanish tapas restaurant that I've been meaning to try since we moved here. It was fantastic, even if the waiter couldn't pronounce the Spanish names of the dishes he served us.

(the day, however, also came with the warning from my body that i was probably contracting a cold, so on top of yummy fried goat cheese and lamb and the juiciest beef and crunchiest asparagus I've ever had, I also started taking zycam, vitamin c, vitamin water, and mainlining water whenever I got the chance to try and stop my little pre-cold in it's tracks)

During the last twenty minutes or so of dinner the band in the courtyard below began to play, and it turned out they were a fantastic and silly eighties cover band - complete with Ah Ha as their first song - and so we had our after dinner smoke standing on the side of the walking path listening to Depeche Mode and some other goofy stuff that we all knew the words to.

Getting home I was presented with more things to unwrap, and some wonderful cuddle time with my boy while our little fam watched goofy tv and I headed to bed early. Yep, early, on my birthday. I know, I'm a dork.

Then there was the ear infection I woke up with on Friday morning. Oh yes. I've got drops to put in now, morning, noon and night. Despite all that, I managed to make it to Classical with enough time to take the quiz (and do reasonably well on it, I think), and then Dar and I did some marathon shopping. All of my shoes were falling apart, and so we hit the shoe warehouse and prayed for sale items, and I bought this pair of sorta silly but oh-so-comfortable heels that hopefully will last a while since I'm in love with them and I haven't even worn them out of the house. We hit up zee target and for some reason decided we needed new towels (I've wanted them for ages and ages) so now both the bathrooms received a sort of mini makeover of slightly new colors. And we were soooooooo tired from our afternoon of shopping that we flopped on the couch on Friday night and did absolutely nothing after that.

And finally, FINALLY, it was Saturday and we had a birthday party!! A real, live, goofy, stinky, rambling, fun birthday party. First was the obligatory pre-party housecleaning that actually got done in about an hour and a half because there were three of us doing it, then there was Eric who arrived early and with presents (food, so we didn't have to dirty up more dishes or figure out what we were going to eat, and a pretty roes for me and wine and a silly card – apparently I'm a silly card person because I've got 6 of them and they totally made me grin). So yes, we all got pretty and then turned on some music and then . . . waited. The worst part is when you're all ready and it's not quite time yet. I am an impatient person. When the house is not filled with people I want them all to instantly arrive. Thankfully that didn't actually happen (because it's awfully hard to say hello properly to everyone if they all get there at the same time – wishful thinking or not). What did was a smashing success and a blend of new and old friends, goofy, adorable, funny, smart. Absolutely fantastic. There were penis cookies (made by one friend and frosted by another), and a box of the best cookies in town (me? sweet tooth? never!). There was guitar hero playing, mojito making (and no mishaps in combination with mojitos), lots of back and forth and of course smoking on the porch. Mochie wanted to make off with one of my stuffed animals, and Spooky, the outside cat, actually seemed to do better around the crowds than Ash. But everyone fared well, and departed smiling, and that sweetheart Eric even helped Neil clean up so we didn't have to wake up to all of the post-party detritus this morning. And that was that.

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