my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Ah Ehm. Hem Hem.

The menu:

1. Jasmine Sorbet with seasalt and microgreens

2.  black snapper in ponzu w/crispy skin (and mandarin oranges on side)

3.  Tomato Tate:  slow roasted purple cherokee heirloom tomatoes plus seared maine diver scallops (with one perfectly roasted tomato) basil blossoms, smoked sea salt and golden brook trout roe

4.  Aji Te:  Fresh japanese spanish jack with okra, yellow bell peper , ponzu, orange oil (garlic & ginger)

5.  katsumi (red fish) with microgreens (spicy)

6.  Ankou kuro:  pan roasted monkfish with nori crisp, belgian white endive (pickled), brown butter vinagrette and goma shio, baby lolita greens, and black trumpet mushrooms  (and special of the night champagne foam)

7.  kamo kurami:  seared countryside farms duck breast with cured torchon of foie gras, pecan crumbles and candy-poached asian pear

8.  take sotto:  koshi hikari risotto, graced with two littleneck clams and calvisius osetra caviar with little bits of porcini mushrooms

9.  foie ringo:  pan seared hudson valley foie gras with roasted ambrosia apples, prosciutto wrapped stilton stuffed medjool dates with a whole grain mustard miso, and champagne bubbles\

10.  celeriac turois + green apple sorbet + vanilla glee (and some microgreens)

what's that equal?  foodgasm.

Best food.  Best boy.  Best time.  Best yum.  Happy Annaversary darling!! 13 ytears.  13 years.  Yep.  It's official... I think we actually like eachother.

(eta: this picture was taken this summer by my sweetest nephew... so we looked a little more dressed up last night to say the least!)
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