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bubble and squeek is actually an ok dish

Classical Japanese test today.  I studied, studied, studied (with friends and on my own) and all indicators are that I did fairly well.  The studying part was fun, actually, thinking about how things conjugate and why, trying to find logic in grammar structures, and actually having a group of study friends who actually study.

So, after that?  The good news is that I stopped by our graduate advisor's office and managed to switch my modern japanese class to pass/fail because i'm already over my limit on language credits and am technically taking one of my language classes as an elective.  HUGE sigh of relief there - it's too hard to concentrate on two classes of Japanese, and this way I can still take them both but not have to kill my gpa or my brain freaking out about it.

The bad? Meeting my modern Japanese professor afterwards for an hour.  Basically the upshot of the conversation (on her side) is that I don't know Japanese very well and she doesn't think I'm going to get much out of her class, and she thinks I need to go back to Japanese 102 and start again.  The upshot from my side of the conversation?  As long as I'm learning *something*, even if I don't meet their standards, it's worth it to me (partially because it maintains my ability to be a TA).  I don't care how long it takes me, I'm going to learn the language. 

The much much better?  Having three friends who waited for me while I took my licks and faced the fearsome sensei, and then went out for fish and chips and a cider (or two?) after.  MUCH better way to end the day than a depressing conference. 
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