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How did that happen?

Friday was a series of farces and going in and out of the house for various shopping needs.  We did manage to get pumpkins from the HEB.  And Saturday we slept in far too late and then woke, breakfasted, and puttered around.  After that?  Pumpkin Carving!

I decided to give into the impulse to do one of those awful patterns they give you with the pumpkin kits.  Mine's the one that sorta kinda looks like the Grim Reaper ... Daria freehanded this wicked Cat, and Neil created his Halloween pumpkin special (the Classic Vampire pumpkin!):

And one cute one of the kitten (obviously pre-carving... he had a whole conversation with the Conan figurine... they were gonna go at it at one point, but Conan backed down)

I got a call at 10 pm on Sat asking if I was going to the party.  I told the caller no... I was tucked in for the night, and not going to party.  I got a call from another friend at 11, asking the same thing.  I told the caller I was in my jammies and there was absolutely no way I was going to go.

And then I changed my mind, threw on a corset and a leather jacket, and went to the party.

There's nothing like a little gayed up halloween fun to put sparkle back in my eye - the party was, in a word FABULOUS.  Pretty pretty pretty boys wearing the least amount of clothing they could get away with (so as to, of course, attract the other pretty boys).  They all got distracted by my cleavage (and one actually wondered if I could use my breasts as a pillow), which is always fun.  I managed not to imbibe since the cops were, of course, out in force and I was driving home.  Besides, the pesky ear infection continues on and the antibiotics were actually sort of helping, I thought. Yet despite that I had a fanastic time, met some adorable men and women, decided with my friend that we had discovered the perfect ass (on a lady cop, no less).  Did some consoling of a heartbroken boy who informed me that he was dissapointed and dejected when he discovered he was a top (as he's lithe and limber and was all ready to bottom, really).  I tried to get the Satyr to pronounce it "Say-tyr" not "Sat-tier" (and if my classical friends are reading this, could you please tell me, is there any grounds for his pronounciation?).  Oh, and I impressed someone with my ability to take a large bite out of a penis cookie.

There was a constume contest - four categories:  most inventive costume, best costume for the girls with ovaries, best costume for the boys with peni, best group costume (really, those were the categories)

This week has been crazy already, and next week I'm actually teaching classes in my Adaptation class, so I shouldn't be slacking now, but I'm having trouble concentrating because it's time for classic recs at buffyversetop5  and I can't resist trying to rec some non-spuffy things... AH, the decisions!  To read or not to read!
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