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08 November 2007 @ 05:14 pm
Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching. - Oscar Wilde  
And to my dearest Oscar, I say HA!

Although it's true, I'm a grad student, and we're notorious for believing we know everything about everything ... for thinking there's nothing left to learn. 

That being said.... I taught this week!  I actually had two classes where I was the one up in front of those greedy little minds trying to wrest them to certain conclusions and hoping to make them see why on earth they should care about adaptations.

And some of you may remember, long ago, I actually posted about Ursula Le Guin's responses to both the SciFi Miniseries about Earthsea and the Japanese film Geddo Senki.  Well, thanks to that, and to the ever inimitable Joel (who pointed me in the direction in the first place), I had things to talk about!

It has, however, been more than a week of frantic nerves and fears that while I may have had a great first lecture, was my second going to live up to it?  It all started last week, when I was intent on not only providing the class a summary of the three Earthsea books they hadn't consumed (I figured that wouldn't be fair to make them read them all), but on figuring out at least a rough draft of the things I wanted to talk about so I could share them with my mentor.  So Thursday afternoon was spent mucking about with power point, trying to give structure to my thoughts, figure out group work, and decide just what it was I wanted to say about the adaptation.

Oh, and along with this lovely week of personal fear?  Two (not one, but two) kanji tests in Classical Japanese on Friday, a fantastic Cracker show on Friday night, a Modern Japanese test Monday. a film showing Monday night.... and then I taught!  and came home, did the wrong homework for Wednesday's Mod Japanese class (so now I'm done with Monday's homework - yay) and went back and taught today! 

I'm ready to collapse.  But I think I left my class with two important questions that (hopefully) stuck in some of their heads:  1) what happens when a text from one culture (that is concerned about and has lots of discussion about race) is adapted in another culture (that doesn't tend to have those open discussions)?  AND 2) is there any obligation on the part of the adaptation to retain the moral message of the text that's being adapted?  (Neil, btw, says NO to this question... I say it's dicey).

However, no collapsing for the wicked.  We've got a dept "mixer" to go to tonight, and Neil's being a good sport and coming along so I'll definitely have someone to talk to.  Thank goodess. 

I do think this weekend I'm going to break down and goof off a bit... but we'll see.  There's that Japanese I was going to work on too...
i will write in words of fire: [tori] she's a dream girlposhlil on November 9th, 2007 03:46 am (UTC)
Oh god, was it nerve wracking? I can't wait for the day i first take a class, and then in other ways, i so very much can...
my monkied brain: angel - smilekatekat1010 on November 9th, 2007 02:37 pm (UTC)
it was and it wasn't - partially because i've been helping out with the class all semester and correcting their papers and stuff (trust me, this definitely takes the fear factor away when you know half your audience has trouble stringing sentences together to make an argument)

And honestly? WAY more fun!! Finally getting to teach some of the stuff you actually like? never bad!