my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

the countdown begins

so, turns out I have about two weeks left of class.  I'm shaking in my boots!  I did NOT realize how fast the end of the semester was rushing at me until today, when I sat down with my professor and we sketched out a general idea of what we'd be doing for each of the remaining classes we have to teach.  Oh dear gods. 

What am I doing tonight?  Taking a breather.  It's been an extremely long week, and I'm caught up with everything I wanted to do today, and I will find some way to pull all the stops out this weekend for sure. 

And since I was goofing around, there was this fantastic mini-blog flog over at lkh_lashouts by drho, who kindly allowed me to make icons of their rant...

so, if you are amused by LKH's blogs, feel free to use!



(though if you do, please credit the rant to drho and the icon to me? thanks!
Tags: *fandom: anita blake, my graphics, my icons, non-btvs art, school

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