my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain


Hi my friends.  Yep, you out there in LJ land and beyond.  I want to apologize, because for the last two months (or maybe even longer) I have been an absolute crap friend.  I haven't returned many phonecalls.  I haven't returned many comments.  I didn't get christmas cards out.  I have been absolutely horrible about commenting to anyone on anything, even when I've enjoyed something immensely.  I'm going to try, from this point forward, to actually be back here in the rest of life, and not just lost in school. I'm also going to wipe my inbox as clean as possible, so if I've left off in the middle of a conversation, just let me know, and I promise to pick it back up.

Because in the end, honestly, I adore every one of you, and I have missed you all, and life is not really life without friends in it.
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