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the link roundup from gray_ghost

ok, so every couple of days I get an email.  it's got a link in it.  very very rarely i'm able to follow the link immediately.  they're always interesting.  it's not that.  it's just that most of the time my brain is either buzzing high for research or low for fanfic.  And I know, I'm evil, because I'm actually reposting them.  But gray_ghost is a wize internet surfer.

I never thought I'd get crowd tired, but I did.  Probably because we started the day out with a visit to the vet.  You see, Ash, our adorable little (almost 10 lbs! eeek!  he's huge!) kitten has been "scooting" across the rug.  If you don't know what scooting is, you probably don't want to (although feel free to google it).  Those of you who do know what it is know that it's amusing to watch but probably not great for your rugs.

Anyway, we ran the little kitten to the vet, and boy does he not like that, and they actually wanted a vet (not a vet tech) to take a look at him so we had to leave him there.  This was all after, of course, a half an hour wait in the waiting room... because no matter if they're doctors or vets they always make you wait.

Then we zipped back to the house for breakfast, and were on our buying extravaganza journey.  Well, with a short side trip to school so I could take a look at student evaluations.  Which, remarkably, were pretty good on the whole.  We made them do it WAY before the disastrous Jeopardy game.

Oh girlie makeup!  How I love you so.  Yes, I bought myself makeup today.  And the world's most expensive (ok, not really, but it's high priced for me) kabuki brush.  It's made of squirrel fur.  Yep, squirrel.  It's SO FRIGGING SOFT.

Finally, there was a stop at the Bed, Bath & Beyond for a new shower curtain, becasue our lovely and adorable kitten had torn the other one right off it's hooks.  Now the shower is safe to use again.  :D

After that, and all of the accompanying traffic, we were pooped.  So we spent the afternoon goofing around at home and had dinner out and really, had an altogether lovely day.

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