my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

A Happy Christmas Indeed!

I hope everyone had warm, bright and loving holidays!! 

Our celebration was a fantastic, if crazy, couple of days... but I'm being lazy, and we took so many pictures, that I now present to you....

a decorated tree from one of the houses we walked past on our way to the trail of lights

one of the sets of pretty trees along the trail of lights - it's actually a white tree and a blue tree standing behind the white tree.

i told dar NOT to make a funny face.  I did, really!

one of the three tunnels of lights - this one is synched to the carol of the bells song (my fav christmas song, even though i don't know the words)

all of us crazy monkies!  (from left to right: Daria, Neil, Me, My Mom, Deb, & Erik

the cookie making mess


Ash feet on Christmas eve.  This picture is a mistake, but I like it.

The CUTEST Mom!  And a present  on Christmas morning.

Ash!  and wrapping paper!

Neil and his two sets of scales and mandaline slicers

Mom trying to entice the cat to play.

Me amidst the wreckage

Daria amidst the bows

Our Christmas Table!!  With the new (to me) china!

The laughing women :D

Me & Mom :D
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