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snippets of the past weeks

thursday 27 december

after all of the preparation, shopping, and general crazyness of Christmas, the four of us spent the day reading.  In an attempt to get out of cooking one more meal, we went to dinner at a little place downtown called Moonshine that does marvelous comfort food (although it has a kind of a silly gimmic of doing spiced popcorn on the table instead of bread).  Scrumptious homemade macaroni and cheese though.

friday 28 december

Mom had to get on her airplane.  :(  It was great having her here - it always is, but it was seriously a lovely christmas and we had a fantastic time just hanging out with eachother.  It was a day of airport trips for me, since I dropped mom off in the middle of the day and then picked up one of my friends from the summer japan program who was coming to visit for New Years.  Her flight was delayed until midnight or so, so she arrived at the house cracked out and fighting a bit of a cold, but happy to find herself in a land without snow.  I think.  Oh, who am I kidding, I was bouncing like a kid in the candy store when I picked her up!  Tebo! In Texas!

saturday 29 december

We introduced Tebo to Texas mexican food (and of course, margaritas).  Then Tebo, D and I went out on the town - down to six street to find boys who were inappropriately young to flirt with, and then onto fifth street to find boys who were only slightly younger than we to actually talk to.  We had a great time, and Tebo dubbed the after-bar hamburger place 'Whatever Burger' (since the name Whataburger apparently just wasn't impressive enough).

sunday 30 december

There was girl shopping!  There was italian food lunching (with pressed procuttio pannini AND chocolate mousse).  And later that night we added another to our menagarie.  Tebo and I picked up Tyler from the airport!  Sadly the airline lost his luggage, so we got to do the whole waiting in line hanging out in the airport thing for longer than planned. 

monday 31 december

New Years dawned.  We had all of these great plans to go downtown, to celebrate the new year with a million or so other Austinites, and to watch firedancers and fireworks.  Then we got lazy.  So isntead we ran to the store, bought a bunch of champagne, prizes for games, and everyone came over here to ring in the new year in a quieter (and MUCH WARMER) fashion.  Then my darling miss Megan arrived, and the fun truly started. 

By this time the cookie count had doubled itself since Joel brought us cookies and Megan brought us cookies and Mir had sent cookies and the cookies I was going to give away?  They stayed in the house.  I think we could've opened a store.

tuesday 1 january

Sweeny Todd!  Our only plan for the day was Sweeny Todd and food.  And luckily the Alamo Drafthouse theatres do both.  Johnny Depp was fantastic.  Helena Bonham Carter was fantastic.  Macabre musicals are fantastic.  The only sad part was having to let Megan drive home that night.

wednesday 2 january

Oh all you can eat bbq, what would Texas be without you?  Since it was Tebo's last night in town, and we'd already made her try migas and pecan smoked brisquit tacos, she had to have some ribs, right?  And we got to see the magic that is Tebo's ordering style in action: she orders a full meal and then dessert to take home.  It's fantastic.  That meant we left the restaurant with home-made vanilla ice cream and blackberry cobbler.  MMMM.

thursday 3 january

Sadly, last nights mean last nights, and since Tebo's flight was at 6:30 in the morning Tyler and I stayed awake all night so we could wake her up in time to get to the airport.  There was chess playing and talking and a little rewatching of Best In Show by me and Tyler in the middle of the night/first thing in the morning.  And I discovered that the best part of blackberry cobbler is enjoying it's warm gooey goodness at 5 am.  After dropping Tebo off Tyler and I conked out until noonish.  The gruesome foursome left behind (at this point that means me and Neil and Dar and Tyler) all went to the Blanton for a little art viewing.  My favorite piece of former years is Cildo Miereles' "Missao/Missoes [How to Build Cathedrals]" but the dosants were working overtime and we didn't get to walk on the pennies in the middle.  Then D discovered these really cool works by Dario Robleto that play with crafted objects and memory/memorials (in one he actually braided together the tape of the voices of Confederate and Union soldiers in a memorial braid that women used to make of the hair of their loved ones... you kind of have to be there). 

friday 4 january

what was friday?  quiet.  :D  yeah, i don't mind that so much either.
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