my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

film rocks. period.

(last week)


D, Joel, Christy & Greg and I went to see Cloverfield.  I went expecting to be annoyed or dissapointed, and honestly, was heartily surprised that I wasn't!  Not that this film is, in any way, ground breaking.  I wouldn't call it the cinematic masterpiece of moster films or anything like that, but as someone who was going in expecting to be underwhelmend I was actually surprised.

I think the hand cam addiction is both good and bad.  Fantastic, because it allows for special effects to feel real because clarity is obscured.  There is no good tape - there is only the "real" of the record.  And it allows for exclusion, strips the narrative down to a single point (unless, of course, you have multiple tapes, but that's not the case here).  It works really well in a film like this.  Really well.


Oh class.  Fantastic wonderful class.  And my professor, when I suggested I would try to restrain myself a little so others could talk, stridently told me not to censor myself in any way.  Period.  That was pretty fantastic validation :D


I know there was one.


stuff happened, i'm sure of it.  it was cold.  Neil built a fire.


a day filled with errands!  Meeting with the advisor (who quite liked reading The Last Samurai, one of my favorite all time books, even if she did have a different take on it than I), class, and oh dear, I went to the conversation group for Japanese.  16 people who wanted to practice their japanese, and about 4 people who were native Japanese.  I didn't really get to do more than introduce myself.  And walk home through the cold.


D and I went wedding dress shopping with a friend - and she got her dress!!  And it's so beautiful that both D and I were amazed, pleased, happy, overjoyed.  She's going to look beautiful.  And then we bought the boots to go with.  It was that kind of a kismet type day. 


Sadly, I actually had to face the globalization homework for real today.  Words cannot express how painful some of the essays were.  Luckily, after having to put my darling man on a plane to LA, D and I treated ourselves to whole food goodness... and it wasn't even that expensive!  And now we're watching Btvs S4!  Buffy & one night stands!  heee!!

and that's all from the world of kate, i think. :D

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