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Oh Weekend, I will miss you

Nothing entertaining to see here. Nope, nothing, honestly.  A little dog watching, petting, scratching, brushing, feeding.  A little graphic making.  A little cat petting.  A little reading of things like the Cyborg Manefesto, Globalization in East Asia... retyping of syllabi, typing of translated Japanese, kanji review (although not enough of that).  Lots of refreshing of the friends list. 

Rewatching of Tetsuo: The Iron Man, and yes, it is still disconcerting and creepy and frightening and makes your nerves jangle.  But after this, my fourth? fifth? viewing, I'm finally to the point where I can seperate what they've done with what it's done to me, and start to ask how, and when, and where, and how they did it.  Still don't know why though.

There's a presentation waiting for me on Tuesday, and a paper waiting to be written for tomorrow.  Busy week, lots of energy trying to escape, what with having to go to trianing on Monday too.  And still I contemplate other things....

Speaking of, if you haven't taken it yet, and you're in the buffyverse fandom - PLEASE take my poll?  Pretty please?

Since I was curious just how many award sites seem to be active, going, or have gone and I knew about them, I put together the list below.  It's for my own edification, but if you're curious, here are links.

Forbidden Awards (fanfic and fanart)
Lie To Me Awards (fanfic and fanart)
Shades of Gray Awards (all fic)
Serenity on the Hellmouth Awards (all Jossverse fanfic and fanart)
Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards (all fic)

Specific Type (dark, happy, artwork, etc)
Crossing Over Awards (crossover fanfic)
Fang Fetish Awards (Vampire fic - All other + Spuffy fic)
Happy Endings Awards (Angel+Buff+Spike+Willow+Xander+Misc fic)
Sunnydale Fanart Awards (all artwork)*
Sunnydale Stories Video Awards (fanvids)

Character Centric
Angel Without Wings Awards (Angel art and fic)
Bodice Ripper Awards (Giles art and fic)
Harem of Spike Awards (Spike -non spuffy, spangel, spander- fic)
Lost In Spike Awards (Spike art and fic)
White Knight Awards (Xander fic)*
Willowy Goodness Awards (Willow fanfic with 1 art category)

Spuffy Centric
Feeling the Love Awards (fic)
Rogue Poet Awards (fic + 2 cat of slash & nonspuffy)
Solem Graces Awards (all fanart, fanvids and Spuffy fic)
Spark and Burn Awards (fic)
Spuffy Awards (fic)

Community/Personal Awards
Fandom of Stars (personal awards)
Insane Buffy Fans Awards*

*seems to be down or defunct, but I thought it was still out there...

now back to the to-do list... and apparantly the Grammies are being watched as well.  Multitasking, I love you.

ETA: crap, I did this, but I forgot to put it up:

My Valentinr - katekat1010
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