my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

i have been nommed (om nom nom nom!)

thank you to the *darlingest* darlings who nommed me at the forbiddenawards !!!  I'm nommed in both best layout for spring_with_xan (which I'm so pleased about as I could cuddle that layout if it was possible) and also for the darker_xander banners!!  (which also turned out much better than i thought they would - yay)!

if you are at all inclined to nominate for awards, please go check them out and nom!   it looks like they could definitely use some nomes in non spangel or spander slash, best finished story (het or slash), best threesome, and best layout and icon categories!  I know for a fact, from my delightful little poll, that most of you think awards are a great way to recognize people for their work so... ;)
Tags: my graphics, my headers, my layouts, pimp, squee

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