my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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10 things...

tagged by xanfan27 ... besides, i've really been into lists lately. 

10 things that made me happy recently

1.  Making my favorite black bean and feta thingy.  It's almost healthy.  And mmmmmmm.

2.  Writing a paper proposal for my globalization prof that he's not going to like, but he's going to let me do anyway because it dovetails with my research and is actually applicable to the class (but like I said, just not in a way he's going to like).  It's not petty revenge, but some part of me is very satisfied that I get to make him read something he finds despicable since I've had to read economic theory books in his class... more than once.

3.  Watching the dog have enough energy (finally) to jump onto the bed.  She was so pleased with herself last night.

4.  Hashing out my paper topic with D - while it may have hurt, mentally, to actually *do* it, we got to a fantastic place and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her.

5.  Rearranging the backyard furniture - even though Neil kinda hates it, it was fun and now there's a whole new view.  (although it just reminds me I want to actually have more plants!)

6.  Talking with Neil about my worries last night.  He rocks.

7.  The kitten was sleeping on my side of the bed at my feet this morning.  And he curled up again there this afternoon.

8.  Talking to my EB today!!

9.  Rereading the most recent Kelly Armstrong book (trust me, they stand up way better than LKH)

10.  netflix.  I know, it's kind of silly, but I finally broke down and did it and now I have movies I want to watch!!

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