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After 5 years of water-based life in an old pasta jar, my bamboo now live on the front stoop in a lovely planter found today at the ever-fantastic Cost Plus.  D. and I reminisced about the unfailingly unchanged provisions to be found at said Cost Plus - we both have young memories of baskets and planters and funny shaped plates.  It's strange how that kind of continuity makes for shopping comfort.  Alas, though, I haven't seen fish-shaped plates there for ages.  I remember the gray ones my mom still has in her cupboard somewhere with smiling nostalgia. 

All of this consumerist goodness sprang from a strange impulse I had trouble stifling: the need to spring clean the house.  I've often thought of spring cleaning as the thing you do when the city sends you a message saying they'll take more than the usual alloted garbage-can full of garbage for free.  But sometimes the urge to box, put away, reorganize, and shift -- that feeling that I want to actualy dust in the corners and lift up the couch and take everything out of the cupboards before I put it back in again -- that feeling struck me today.  I tried to tell myself that school requires my attention, that the history of baseball in Asia and the essays on Korean masculinity in horror film are much more pressing than making sure the assorted pet trinkets have their own basket (including those that we got yesterday taking our Domino on her first vet appointment - she was so precious! and has an ear infection and flees).  I tried to tell myself, but apparantly I also decided not to listen.  Thus the bathroom was cleaned, the couch covers washed, the desk organized, the video games re-organized, and the game controlers basketed.

Of course, last night was a distraction of the best kind because we met lostgirlslair and her theFiance (I can call him that, right LG?) for tasty and totally amusing italian dinner to celebrate her birthday!  First though, we toured one of the local herpitariums and waved through glass at the scaley, the slithery and the shelled.  Also stood three feet (or less) away from the shop's display SLOTH.  Yes, that's right, they have a sloth.  It was curled in a tree branch at the top of its cage, pink tongue sticking out of its mouth, completely unconcerned about the tortoise troping around on the floor beneath it.

Friday I spent translating (and procrastinating).  I am constantly amazed at how much I find to do when I'm trying to procrastinate, and how quickly I can get things done when I stop.  Now I sit, with D. on my left and Neil on my right, each with their own laptop illuminating their faces, the clickety-clack of keys as D and I type sounding against the television.

fandom-filled goodness

Lord and ladies, apparantly someone out there LIKES ME! really really likes me!

One thing or another of mine is now nommed in pretty much every art category at forbiddenawards!!! Thank you you crazy wonderful fantastic nominators!  It also makes me happy that a bunch of the people I nommed over there have agreed to be a part of the process - now I only hope that the judges choose who I picked as the best of their categories.

And to whoever was the fantastic goddess (i'm guessing here) who went and nommed me over at the Bodice Ripper Awards for my story art for lostgirlslair's Exertion, THANK YOU!!

If anybody is inclined, it looks like the awards could seriously use some nominations... so click above or below to nom at the only Giles-centric btvs award site ;)

Finally (and I know, you're all tired at this point of me blathering/squeeing way way too much), the lovely people over at whendon_art gave me this:

It's been an amazing graphics week!  And makes me want to spend all my time making new pretties!  Thank goodness summer_of_giles and spring_with_xan are coming to spur me on to creation (with specific subject matter). 

And to reward those who've gotten through all of that - anybody want anything in particular when I post to summer_of_giles or spring_with_xan ?  Either pairing or type of artwork (icons, manips, etc) or both?  I'd love to know what you would find most useful/pretty...
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